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Welcome to The Rebecca Review. I'm a positive lifestyle reviewer with 
an interest in items that enhance our experience on this planet. 


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Why do I trust 
SCANPAN pots and pans? 

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Vanilla Syrup

Gourmet Foods & Food Finds:
Try Fiori di Sicilia 
in place of Vanilla

Dark Muscovado Sugar

King Arthur Unbleached Flour


Rooibos Tea


Starbucks Breakfast Blend

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Fleur de Sel de Guerande



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Calm: Exotic Flower Blend

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A Quiet World - hearing loss

Secrets of Emotional Healing



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The Joy of French 
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Henry David Thoreau


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The Tao of Mom: 
The Wisdom of Mothers
from East to West 
by Taro Gold

Wisdom of the Heart


Taro Gold 


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Experience Tranquility 
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from Clarity Sound & Light


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Evening Ocean's The Attraction...


HEM No Word from Tom

Jewel Goodbye Alice in Wonderland

Andrea Bocelli Amore

David Gilmour On an Island

David Sylvian's Secrets of the Beehive

KT Tunstall Eye to the Telescope

Frou Frou Imogen Heap

Paris Combo Attraction

Imogen Heap Speak for Yourself

Dierdre One


Jem Finally Woken

Dar Williams My Better Self

Passion Peter Gabriel

Lemony Snicket's Soundtrack

Vivian Green



Movie Guides

American Film Institute's 
Amazing Movie Manual! 



American and 
Foreign Movies

Here is my list of movie 
reviews with pictures.



Movie Reviews

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams


Before Sunset and Before Sunrise


Mostly Martha

Madame Butterfly

Women on the Verge

A French Tale 
of Obsessive Love

The Purple Rose of Cairo

Tess of the D'Urbervilles


Real Women Have Curves


Wuthering Heights

The French Lieutenant's Woman


Romeo & Juliet

Un Coeur En Hiver
(A Heart in Winter)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

White Oleander


The Importance 
of Being Earnest


Speaking in Strings



  Lagaan: Once Upon A Time


Princess Mononoke

For Love Or Country

The Road Home

Monsoon Wedding

You've Got Mail

Shawshank Redemption

Runaway Bride

The Secret Garden


The Diary of Anne Frank


Les Miserables



Little Women

House of Mirth


South Pacific

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Anne of Green Gables


Much Ado about Nothing



Ever After

My Fair Lady

  Moulin Rouge


Ju Dou

Mansfield Park


It Happened One Night


Howards End

Scent of Green Papaya


Cross Creek


The Odyssey

Out of Africa


The Way We Were

Simply Irresistible


Eat Drink Man Woman


Romeo & Juliet


(Korean Romeo & Juliet)

Swept From The Sea




Sister Wendy: The 
Complete Collection


Music Reviews

CeCe Winans

Coldplay X&Y

Tao Music for Relaxation

U2 Music Review

Josh Groban In Concert 

Josh Groban Closer

Damien Rice "O"

1 Giant Leap

Soul Awakening Sounds

Zola Van Piano Solos

Alive in This Dream

Music from Clarity 
Sound & Light

HeartAid Project

Almost Like Being in Love

Mehdi Instrumental Evolution

Pure Piano Panoramas

Cecilia Bartoli

Nora Jones 
Come Away with Me

Faith Hill Cry 

Piano Panoramas

Santana Shaman

Prelude Charlotte Church

Loreena McKennitt 
the book of secrets

Ravi Shankar Full Circle

Hilary Hahn Violin Concertos



Music Instruction

Release the Butterfly

Self-Improvement &  
 Real-life Issues

Personal Growth

Emotional Intelligence

Introvert Advantage

Naked Buddhism

The Promise of Immortality

Four Souls



A More Fulfilling Career



Business Success

What Next? - The best book on 
selecting a job I've ever found!

The Wholehearted Journey

The Real Ideal


Life Challenges

Dream It Do It

Finding Your Own Frontier

Breaking the Pattern

How to read Self-Help Books

The Land of I Can


Open Your Mind, 
Open Your Life


Illness, Life, Death 
and Healing

Grieving God's Way

One Woman's Battle with AIDS

Cancer: Knowing Stephanie

Seasons of Goodbye: 
An Alzheimer's 
Caregiver Journal

Fed Up - dieting to the extreme

Healing Page

When Death Occurs


Personal Power

Creating Magic in Midlife

Healing Power of Anger

Caroline Myss 
Self-Esteem CDs

The Stress Management Workshop

Women's Issues


Don't Sweat the 
Small Stuff for Women


Out With It  





Affirmations for Self-Healing

The Promise of Immortality


Grief Expressed

Healing Page




Create a Memorial Garden



Online Life & Technology


Online Life & Technology


Online! The Book

Cool Stuff - Technology and
How it Works


Downloadable Books

Ebay Enlightenment 
- Sell items faster 



This & That Themes 2





Every Day with Rachael Ray



Waves & Sand

On Entering the Sea Poetry


Healing Water Music

Sea Glass

Lighthouse Cooking






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Comments About The Rebecca Review







Dear Rebecca...you just reviewed my book and I wanted to thank you for that and for reminding me about World Vision. I had in fact donated to the organization in the past, but I had been wanting to do something more meaningful and just sponsored a "hope child." Many thanks again for the review and for being such an inspirational person.




I just received your review in the mail. Thank you so much for your extensive review and the fact that (I can tell) you actually read it! I am amazed by how much you read. You'd be fun to run through a whole host of topics in a meandering discussion. The New York Times asked for a book!!! 

~ H.



Hi, I think your positive attitude to book reviewing is excellent. If a person reads a book he dislikes, let him forget it as soon as possible! Let him not prolong the wasted time by meditating on the experience and recording it. 

I suspect that many negative reviews are motivated by the reviewer's desire to demonstrate the refinement of his taste, and to show that every blemish, however minor, is detected by his acute mind. If this kind of refined taste were brought to perfection, however, the result would surely be a person whom nothing can please. Would that I never become so refined! I prefer the kind of taste that filters out what is bad in a book, and accentuates what is good. 

I approve of the words that the Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset wrote in his Meditations on Quixote (which perhaps you have read): "I do not believe that the important mission of criticism is to appraise literary works, dividing them into good or bad. I am becoming less interested every day in passing judgment; I feel more inclined to love things than to judge them."

Best wishes,




Thank you for your beautiful reviews. Your attention to detail is outstanding. Your writing is visual and pleasantly creative.




Hi, I just read your review of Ju Dou and liked it very much. Thought your review was easily the best one of the two pages I looked at. I will always take passion and feeling in a review over mere technical information. Good review! 





The warm glow of your Amazon reviews makes for interesting and positive reading.  

Great recommendations!

David Laman




I am a newcomer to Amazon but I think it's AmaZING! So many wonderful books and other products to choose from! The only problem (if there is one at all) is that there are too many items to choose from. I was extremely overwhelmed when I first arrived at the site and saw just how many options I had. 

Thankfully, Amazon provides reviews. As you well know! Well, some of them are wonderfully helpful, funny and informative while others are confusing and often cruel. Yours are probably the best I've seen! You are very smart and have a terrific sense of spirituality that pervades every sentence like a sweet smell enters a room. 

I'm writing to say, "Thank You", something you have most likely heard many times before. But I'm saying it anyway. I noticed you contribute fairly often and I think that is great. You have inspired me to pick up a book, read it and write about it on Amazon and maybe I might be able to possibly influence someone the way you have influenced me. You are a truly special woman.





I came across your reviews while visiting Amazon. I was blown away at the sense of purpose you've given your reviews. You transcend the role of reviewer into a compassionate teacher. 

Robert Shahidi, Giving Love Away


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