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Make Peace with Anyone


4.0 out of 5 stars Secrets to a More Peaceful Life, December 26, 2009
Are you experiencing conflict in your life or know people who are estranged. Do you have people in your life who seem to constantly be fighting every time they are put in the same room together? Do you feel like you are someone's psychological punching bag?

David J. Lieberman has some excellent ideas for conflict resolution. Whether you want to solve your own problems or help other people solve theirs, David J. Liberman's advice is some of the best I've ever read.

He has an incredibly deep understanding of why conflict occurs. Many people are simply afraid or are hindered by a low self-esteem. This book is really about how to be a wise person! To know what to say and when to say it is essential to your success. Throughout the book there are real-life examples to show you how to put the principles in practice.

I personally found this book to be especially insightful. I found myself reading passages over and over again because the information was so shockingly true. It might at first seem threatening to make yourself vulnerable but in actuality you are avoiding being defensive. When you show humility and ask for forgiveness you are actually the more powerful player in the game of human interactions.

The first half of this book seems to center on how to handle relationships you have with various people. The second half seems to focus on how you can be a mediator to bring peace to other people's lives. There is a chapter on handling people who are mentally ill but I thought the chapter was way too short and didn't cover some relevant topics like what to do when someone in your life is very depressed and angry.

This is a book I can recommend to almost everyone, however it might be dangerous in the hands of a manipulative person.

~The Rebecca Review



Men Are Like Fish

Creative Mosaic of Dating and Relationship Wisdom, April 19, 2006

"Even in today's sophisticated world, some things change slowly, if ever at all. This is especially true when it comes to the traditional game of love that is still played between the majority of women and men." ~pg. 29

Steve Nakamoto has written a highly enjoyable book for women who are seeking true love with a man who is committed to his partner's greater good.

Men Are Like Fish is so enlightening in regards to relationships; it might be the only book you initially need to realign your focus as you journey into the ocean of romantic depths. Not only will you realize what you have been longing for in a relationship, you will now be able to apply universal wisdom to enhance your relationship.

Why don't men call back and how are men spooked?
How do you let go of past disappointments and embrace future hopes and dreams?
What are the main ingredients you dream of in a romantic relationship?
How do you create a situation of deep emotional attachment?
What are the main qualities men are looking for in women?
How do allusive men act and how do you get their attention?
How powerfully do you attract men? Take the "bait self-quiz"...very amusing and
there is also a "Big Fish Test."
Where do you find the Big Fish? A list of Favorite Fishing Spots is an amazing resource
and goes way beyond meeting men in typical bars, etc.
Why are conversational skills the bond of companionship?
Do you appreciate the man you are interested in - what is the depth
of the attraction?

"Men can be very charming with their manly strengths and boyish personalities. But underneath a man's charm lies a foundation of character. If consistent, lasting, and fulfilling love is your objective, character is one of your only reliable indicators." ~pg. 105

As a woman I found Steven Nakamoto's writing highly entertaining and the quotes throughout the book were well chosen and very appropriate for his topic. Are you ready to move from passive observer to enlightened relationship goddess? This book draws on timeless wisdom, well-researched personal development advice and an advanced level of empowering insight. The author is especially well read and seems to have a deep interest in women finding a life that is emotionally fulfilling and creatively satisfying.

Men are Like Fish is not only for women who want to find a new romantic relationship, it is also for women who want to maintain a high level of emotional satisfaction in their current relationship.

100 Stars and beyond...

~The Rebecca Review
So impressed with this book it made my eyes sparkle! :)


Gentlemen, Start Her Engine

5 out of 5 stars Zoom Zoom, July 18, 2004

"When a woman recognizes you have a devoted interest in her, she can feel secure about your love for her - a definite precursor for trust." ~Steven Andrew Guerrero

You might ask, "Why is it so important for men to learn how to satisfy a woman's appetite for romance?" Because when a woman is deprived of romance and attention, similar to food depravation, her eyes become bigger than her stomach. Therefore, anything with a hint of romance begins to look palatable to her. ~Steven A. Guerrero

Let's face it, some men know how to get a ladies engine running and as women we know exactly how we want to be "maintained, serviced and upgraded." It just doesn't feel the same when we have to explain what we want.

Finally, Steven Andrew Guerrero (the new guru of romance) has written a book for guys that just makes sense. Even my husband wanted to read this book! It definitely appeals to the male mind and I could sum up my feelings about this book in about two words by saying: Yes! Finally!


Tazo Passion Tea


"When she is convinced you possess an undeniable commitment to please her, 
she can then trust her vulnerability is safe in your hands." ~Steven Andrew Guerrero


Not only is Steven Andrew Guerrero romantic beyond a romantic dream, he is darn funny too. Pages 31-33 had me rolling in bed with laughter. Can I say that if men take his advice and start to put his ideas into practice, planets are going to start to collide in the best of ways. The main chapters in this book include information about:

Choosing to Win the Relationship Race
Steering with Your Ears
Prepare to Race
Don't Crash and Burn
The Right Fuel
The Diesel Engine Woman
The Economy Engine Woman
The High-Performance Woman

If you want to keep your woman's heart in top shape and avoid the main reasons women file for divorce, Steven has the answers. Any woman who reads this book is going to say: "Wow, Wow! Where are the men who do this?" So, if you are a guy, you might want to hide this book in a place she will never look. Especially since this book has places for you to write down your own ideas or her favorite things. The element of surprise is most necessary when planning for romance. The "Workbook" section includes:

Locating Her Engine Style
The Romantic History List
The Old You List
Her Favorite List
Not Her Favorite List
Her Pet Peeves and Hurtful Habit List
Her Wish List
Fuel Sources

As a guy friend of mine just said: "Chivalry is not dead. Open your eyes." This book was most enlightening and it is filled with guy-friendly ideas that will "drive" any woman absolutely wild with desire. Zoom...zoom

You should have seen the smile on my face when my husband figured out which engine I am. He has tried a few things in this book and the author is right. If you want a guy to be romantic, you have to show you appreciate it.


Books that May End the Fighting
(...but could cause spontaneous and heated discussions at first...)



Keeping Your Woman Happy...this book has great advice, June 9, 2006

"It's a huge shocker to talk to hundreds of women and find that while financial security is nice, it isn't nearly as important to them as feeling emotionally secure - feeling close and confident that you will be there for her no matter what." ~ pg. 17

If you are reading this book and your wife is reading "for women only," you may be in for a lovely time if you talk about the issues. By reading the "for women" and "for men" books, my husband and I finally sorted out the basis of our differences.

These books can at first cause more problems than they solve because as problems surface and you put names to the issues, things can get worse. A few days later, you may find your relationship on a better path and renewal setting in. The ideas almost require you to put pride aside and set to work on the real issues facing every relationship.

The chapters include:

Rethinking Random - Great information on how women want to feel emotionally secure. I could not agree more. If you don't feel loved, it is difficult to be motivated to respond. Respond and Respect seems to go hand in hand when loved.

The Deal is Never Closed - "Buried inside most women- even those in great relationships-is a latent insecurity about whether their man really loves them."

Windows...Open! - How women multitask and why they may not be able to let go of a grudge. Shows how to work through problems.

Your Real Job Is Closer to Home - Why women said they wouldn't mind their husband making less money if he could spend more time at home.

Listening Is the Solution - Why women sometimes just need to talk it out...excellent
advice. Some of the best I've read yet.

With Sex, Her "No" Doesn't mean You - Romance and what you say might be the key here.

The Girl in the Mirror - Are you really the mirror reflecting back what she wants to hear? As a husband, Jeff Feldhahn has some great wisdom to share.

You could save your marriage or relationship by following the ideas in "for men only." From personal experience, it might be a little dangerous to read each other's books. Only do so if very brave and ready for conflict resolution.

~The Rebecca Review




The book your husband wishes you would read and believe..., June 23, 2006

Shaunti Feldhahn's book may help women understand the way men process information and see the world, and I think this book will be most useful to women who are in love with good men who are interested in a nurturing relationship. By following the advice in this book, a husband may become more loving because he feels he is being respected for what he provides.

By understanding a man's basic needs a woman may be able to encourage a taming of the dragons and a more peaceful existence. It really comes down to keeping a man happy so you can be happy.

Does a man want respect more than sex?
Do men enjoy romance as much as women?
What is the key to a man's emotions?

Shaunti Feldhahn brings out good points about anger being a clue to when women have stepped over the disrespect boundary. At times she makes men seem very volatile and at other times shows they have an incredible amount of patience and endurance.

This book does not address a woman's need for romance or how men can get the response from women that they desire, it mainly focuses on what a woman needs to know. After the initial reactions (an increase in arguments if you discuss the two books) subside, you may find you are experiencing more
romance than before.

While reading, it can be a little frustrating to only be viewing the issue from one side, but there is a second book: For Men Only. My husband read the second book and actually came looking for this one.

If you are a feminine energy woman married to a masculine energy man, this book will explain a lot and may encourage the reading of additional selections.

If you are single, you might enjoy: Men are Like Fish by Steve Nakamoto

If you want your husband to take the lead: Gentlemen Start Her Engine

Secrets: The Secrets of Happily Married Men by Scott Haltzman

Mood Enhancement for women who want a response or want to be
more responsive:

Culinary Seduction: The Seduction Cookbook

Massage: Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit - artfully blended for an enticing fragrance and uniquely powerful effect on mind, body and spirit.

Tazo Passion Tea - an herbal infusion made by steeping hibiscus flowers, orange peel, licorice, cinnamon, rose hips, lemongrass and red poppy in a swirling of hot water. May encourage a romantic mood. Read up on hibiscus flowers before drinking this herbal blend.

~The Rebecca Review


Love and Romance


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