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Welcome to my cozy store where I have listed items I found 
in the past few years while reviewing at Amazon. Many of these
items have their own review pages at this site.

Featured Items


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Speaking Of Books

Antiaging Information

The Rainbow Bridge: Universal
Book of Living, Dying and Dreaming


Culinary Creations for Lovers
(Or just for anyone who loves to cook!)


Travel Books

Written With a Spoon 
Cookbook and Poetry 


Science Firsts

Online The Book


Gourmet Foods & Food Finds



Norah Jones Feels Like Home

Workout DVDs/Videos

Gentlemen, Start Her Engine - Romance


Great Advice for Publicity


Cookbook Finds


The Perfect Self-Help Starter Set


E.Encyclopedia - Online Learning

Most Relaxing Yoga Video Ever

Love's Book of Answers


A Letter to Our Daughters


Breaking the Pattern


See All Beauty Products


Kitchen Essentials


Make a Custom Cover


See All Movie Selections


Yoga Zone Relaxation


Delicious Cake Recipes



Food Lover's Companion

Excellent Information for Food Writing
or Interesting Reading for Foodies


Feng Shui


Even my cat acted more at home after I followed 
the advice in this book. It is amazing! 


1 Giant Leap World Music



Cozy Blanket for Reading

Free Recipes


Comfortable Extra Bed


Itty Bitty Book Light


Romantic Music

Kama Sutra Massage Oils

Lavender Oil for Relaxation

Encouraging Message about Love

Perfect Introduction to Art

Vitamins and Supplements

The Wholehearted Journey


Match: Format: Scope Key Words




Reading Comfort Page - Chairs and Booklights





Home Bookstore Cooking Reviews Site Map