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A Letter about Men


A Letter to Our Daughters


A Journey through Expectations and Reality, April 2, 2006

"In this book, girls and women are challenged to disregard destructive messages and to think for themselves. They are also challenged to define themselves positively, and to become the best people they can possibly be." ~Julia A. Davis

Julia A. Davis' writing is infused with love and wisdom. This is a treasure of writing expressing her heartfelt concern for women who will be happier when they take control of their lives. The introduction is a beautiful letter to daughters and then topics of high interest, challenges and stories follow. Inspirational quotes, stunning wisdom and revelations of clarity introduce young women to positive thought patterns.

"I am what I aspire to be."

Revelations in Section 2 explore listening to those who care about women. Renee, a 26-year old remembers her mother's wisdom. Brad gives examples of how he shares his wisdom with his daughter. These are beautiful moments on which to reflect. It is enjoyable to see how we all view the important women in our lives.

How do you want to treat others and how do you want them to treat you?

This is highly significant and the list of "you will know a person is your friend if..." is very revealing. The checklist to find out if a person loves you is an excellent way to understand the difference between hope and reality.

"If you think about these questions and answer them honestly, you will know whether or not you are loved by the man with whom you are involved." ~pg. 105

Intimacy, Sex and Commitment are discussed in a realistic light and encourage women to think beyond "feeling in love" and ponder the consequences of action, physically and emotionally.

This is a beautiful book because it deals with every major issue women have to deal with in regards to their self-esteem and relationship issues. From experience, we women heading towards forty realize that self-esteem issues can make or break a life and maintaining a high self-esteem is essential to your very existence.

Many sections of this book explain how to bounce back from painful consequence and show you the way to not only regain self-esteem but how you can build a firm foundation for future success. Julia A. Davis has written a beautiful message for the women of the world that will make their lives more peaceful emotionally so they can handle all the responsibilities of life with a renewed sense of confidence.

~The Rebecca Review



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