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1 Giant Leap
CD Review

1 Giant Leap


 5 out of 5 stars The World Dreams in Music

  The first time I listened to this CD, I listened to “All Alone” obsessively. I became so intoxicated with a feeling of immense completeness as every sadness in my soul 
  dissolved into pure love.

  The world could have disappeared and I would have been standing in the middle of a field of crimson roses all blooming to the sound of the voice singing: “If you stay 
  or if you go.” The friend who sent me the CD said to listen to the track before I went to bed and I’ve never experienced such a healing gift. In life, you often meet 
  people who will give you gifts your soul needs and then at times friends can work together to heal the world.

  When Jamie Catto met Duncan Bridgeman it was a random moment in time. Like most creative friendships they found they had so much in common. Once they 
  started talking they realized they had similar beliefs about the state of modern music. Jamie was the singer and keyboardist in the UK band Faithless and 
  Duncan Bridgeman had been mixing albums for big-name artists. Together they have created a CD I can hardly believe exists.

  I had no idea the impact it would make on me. I also didn’t realize you could fall madly “in love” with a CD. ;) Once “My Culture” takes off, you are 
  going to understand the meaning of “primal high on a soul level.”

  “I'm what I feel, what I'm feeling is surreal
  I'm a mass of spinning wheels
  Always digging in my heels
  Now I've got the faith to

  Fall back again
  Crawl from the warm waters
  Don't ever forget
  You're on your feet again
  Your feet again” ~My Culture

  This CD is a smooth, sexy and spiritual journey into a land where you can escape from ordinary consciousness. You will feel you connect instantly with the
   universal wisdom in the lyrics. There is a richness of culture in the freeing dance of philosophy and world music. Multicultural voices mingle with beautiful 
  intellectual tangents. Visual images dance through your mind as the music creates a deep soothing soul vibration that radiates through you like the most 
  comforting feeling you’ve ever experienced.




  “The Way You Dream” is one of my favorite songs as it blends the mysterious voice of Indian star Asha Bhosle with the completely intoxicating voice of 
  Michael Stipe. His voice makes me heady beyond all logic. I think I have a crush on a voice for the first time in my life. I finally understand why teenage girls 
  faint at concerts. ;)

  This CD also features Dennis Hopper, Kurt Vonnegut, Robbie Williams, Tom Robbins, Senegal's Baaba Maal, Ram Dass, Gabrielle Roth, the South African 
  Mahotella Queens, Neneh Cherry, New Zealand's Whiri Mako Black, Revetti Sakalar and Eddi Reader.

  1 Giant Leap is a fusion of sound and word captured through travels in Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Bombay, New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangkok, 
  South East Asia, Los Angeles, New York, India, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. This CD is the result of recordings from 25 countries.

  Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman literally spent six months traveling across the globe with a mobile studio and crew. Together they recorded 
  storytellers, shopkeepers, authors, artists, philosophers and even cabdrivers. Each song contains a mixture of sounds and lyrics from various parts of the globe.

  The chants, ethereal cries and primal rhythms will at times send chills up your spine. When Michael Franti sings “We are alive with the spirit of our passion” 
you can’t help wanting to live, and live for a long, long time so you can see all your dreams become a reality.

  The entire CD really represents a unity humanity could strive for if they could find peaceful resolutions to the issues haunting us all. The themes of the album are 
  death, confrontation, sex, money, blasphemy, faith, happiness, inspiration, time, masks and unity.

  Healing, loving, intoxicatingly spiritual and poetic beyond words. Perhaps the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. 1 Giant Leap shows our 
  humanity, the wide diversity of cultures and the beauty of unity through music.

  ~The Rebecca Review


1 Giant Leap DVD



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