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Sister Wendy:
The Complete Collection

Sister Wendy - The Complete Collection...


5 out of 5 stars Completely Enthralled

"The story of painting is one that is immensely rich in meaning, yet its value is all too often hidden from us by the complexities of historians. We must forget the densities of 'history' and simply surrender to the wonder of the story."" --Sister Wendy Beckett

This four-DVD set presents every Sister Wendy episode from her Story of Painting series, plus Sister Wendy’s Odyssey, Sister Wendy’s Pains of Glass, Sister Wendy’s Grand Tour and an interview with Sister Wendy.

When watching these DVDs, you will become as enthralled with art as Sister Wendy is herself. As a long-time fan of her books, I was pleased to finally be able to view the art all over Europe and to hear her poetic explanations.

When explaining the paintings at the Caves of Lascaux, I was surprised when she mentioned evolution. However, it was so delightful to hear a nun explaining the cave art and concluding that art is about being human. What made me laugh out loud was those times when she just breaks free from reticence and says things like “male erotic fury” when describing the cave painting.

At times Sister Wendy says the most amusing things. They are all in innocence and show her beauty, yet slightly mischievous side.

She is not your “everyday” nun or at least, she is not what I expected. She fully embraces art with an aesthetic sensibility all while exploring the very human and at times erotic side of art. Kids will never catch onto this as it will go right over
their heads.

I just find the way she becomes so intoxicated with art to be very entertaining. Sister Wendy seems to view the world with a sense of childlike wonder and yet has the knowledge of a scholar.

The way she presents the art awakens a love and appreciation for art that becomes so strong you might even find yourself overwhelmed by beauty.

Not only do you get to view the art, the environments in which it was created and see how art changed over time, Sister Wendy explains color, symbolism and the spiritual, political and personal aspects of the paintings. Art comes alive and is no longer just a painting. It is a combination of the experiences that make up life. She explains the emotions the characters are feeling and even gives logical explanations for the Mona Lisa’s smile.

I learned many things while viewing these DVDs. You can read many books on art, but viewing Sister Wendy’s programs is a much more enlightening way to go. There is also a “special feature” where pop-up notes on artists and their work appear so you can view additional information while watching the shows. You can also pause the program to zoom in on the paintings.

What makes these shows a thing of great beauty is the natural settings in which the art was created. You have waves crashing on rocks as she discusses Scotland in 800 AD. You view Venice in all its beauty and see Pompeii like never before.

I had a difficult time writing anything down while watching the shows because I was so completely captivated. If this doesn’t inspire you to go to Europe, nothing will!

~The Rebecca Review 


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