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Conscious Business

Conscious Business


Mindfulness in the Workplace, October 24, 2006

"To be conscious means to be awake, mindful. To live consciously means to be open to perceiving the world around and within us, to understand our circumstances, and to decide how to respond to them in ways that honor our needs, values, and goals." ~Fred Kofman, Ph.D.

Fred Kofman is the co-founder and president of Axialent, a consulting company dedicated to cultural excellence and leadership development. He is also a visionary teacher and consultant to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. His breakthrough techniques have been shared with over 20,000 executives all over the world. This book makes his teaching available to a wider audience.

Fred Kofman presents a more mindful business model where managers become more conscious of the inner and outer lives of employees. He begins his book with an intriguing and insightful look at the problems of the world and then shows how his own view of his identity was very related to his job.

What brings authentic happiness?
What is my real life purpose?
What are the seven main differences between conscious and unconscious employees?
Why should our education system include teaching about Emotional Intelligence?
How can emotional energy be channeled into creativity?
What are the three most relevant cognitive distortions?
What is true success?

The quotes throughout this book are especially enlightening and the stories are very entertaining. Fred Kofman is an excellent teacher who brings his knowledge and insightful style into his writing in a very accessible way. You truly start to feel like you are being taken on a journey into the depths of understanding that awakens into optimism. I also enjoyed finding this quote: "Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them." ~David Hume

Conscious Business explores conscious attitudes that include responsibility, integrity, humility, authentic communication, constructive negotiation and emotional mastery. Truly this book can transform the workplace and every manager and employee could benefit from applying the principles presented in this book.

You may also want to read this book to enjoy the unveiling of reality (analysis, real-life situations and psychology) and the promise of a better world through understanding and a more conscious way of living. Conscious business is as much about self-mastery as it is about mastering the business world.

"A conscious business fosters peace and happiness in the individual, respect and solidarity in the community, and mission accomplishment in the organization." ~Fred Kofman, Ph.D.

~The Rebecca Review


Working for Good


5.0 out of 5 stars Positive Change in the Workplace, August 28, 2009
"Countless entrepreneurs in diverse industries are staking out new paths to creating conscious companies in service to the greater good." ~ pg. 15

Jeff Klein is one of the many voices that has sprung up from the Conscious Business community. He provides simple strategies you can implement to work for the common good. This book begins with stories of company owners who are making a difference in the world and then progresses into descriptions of how the reader can make the same type of changes in their company. He focuses on awareness, embodiment, connection, collaboration, and integration.

Throughout "Working for Good" there are interesting exercises reminiscent of some breathing exercises you may have experienced in yoga. These help you to focus on aspects of business that are essential to your success. I especially enjoyed the exercise on deep listening and tried it out on a friend. It really enhanced our conversation. I also started practicing the "reflective listening" and it made me more aware of the needs of the person I was talking to. 

If you think businesses only operate for profit this book may produce some interesting perspectives.

~The Rebecca Review


Dragon Naturally Speaking

Brilliant Timesaver, September 12, 2006

I am currently writing this review using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. It has taken less than half an hour to learn the initial process. What is most fascinating is the rate at which you can type with your voice. It is truly as if you have a secretary typing for you.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking was incredibly easy to install. During the installation process, you'll be asked to plug in the microphone and participate in a training session. This allows you to track your audio settings. When you are prompted to check your microphone volume and sound quality, you may want to do this twice if you do not receive a positive result. You soon learn the value of speaking more professionally.

This program requires full attention and a focused intention. You not only have to think about what you're saying, you also need to format what you are saying as you are speaking. Once you learn all the formatting commands, you can insert them as you talk and format quickly and efficiently.

While you are speaking a DragonPad appears and this is where you type all your text with your voice. At the top of your screen, you will see a DragonBar. This includes a small microphone that you turn on or off. The microphone will not turn on unless you click on the icon. The microphone may be turned off with your voice by saying microphone off with a pause after you speak. You can also tell the program to "go to sleep" and then to "wake up."

I found the "auto format on" does not give you as much control as simply stating which punctuation marks you require. While you are talking you may decide that the last sentence you said is not what you really wanted to say. In order to erase your last sentence, all you do is say: "scratch that."

The initial installation and training went very smoothly. You simply read the words on the screen and the computer learns to recognize how you speak. There is definitely a learning curve to this program and patience is needed at the start. The small training manual includes an introduction, installation and training, starting to dictate, working on your desktop, correcting and editing, formatting, dictating names, numbers, punctuation and special characters.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking frees you from your keyboard and allows you to communicate effectively with your computer through your voice. This will allow you to compose memos and letters. The Professional Edition also allows you to enter data into forms or spreadsheets. Since most people can dictate faster than they can type this will give you great freedom. Simply typing your thoughts is only the beginning of a huge adventure which will lead you to even more exciting options like working on the Web searching for websites and navigating website pages (say a link and it goes to the next page, say a word and it finds all those words on the page).

If you enjoy using a hand-held recorder to dictate while you are away from the computer, this program can transcribe what you said. Although you may wish to use you voice most of the time, there are still some things are easier to do with your mouse and keyboard. If you say "select all," then it selects the entire text. So, this might not work when you are trying to change the word "all" to "I'll." Also if you try to say command words within your sentences, this can present a challenge.

Proofreading your text will be essential because now and then when you pause in a sentence, it will add a period automatically. You can add in quotation marks with your voice. I find it easier to do this when you visualize the sentence. If I misspell a word, I simply select the word and then choose a new word from a list or spell the word for the computer. Instead of using your mouse to move around the page there are page up and page down commands. All you say is "go to top" or "go to bottom."

The true beauty of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the speed at which you can now type with your voice. This not only allows greater freedom and imagination, you can close your eyes sit back, be in complete control of your mind, all while accessing your computer and working without back and neck strain, not to mention avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome.

This program is easy as 1, 2, 3. First you learn how to enunciate your words correctly, then you will learn special commands, and finally you continue to build upon the skills learned. For the writer and poet this program could become invaluable as many times you can think up ideas quicker than you can type them. It would seem that the next step in this program's evolution would be to allow the user access to a thesaurus directly instead of having to save the document in Word first. When I loaded up the program the second time today, there was a "tip of the day" at the start. I also found a dictation box that automatically transferred extra text into a Word document. You can also type directly into the Amazon review text box, speak a search word or speak a URL to get to any website.

I'm listening to my secretary read this back to me...how fun! All you do is highlight the entire text and select "sound" in the DragonBar and "read this." This program has interesting possibilities for business executives and for writers, not to mention anyone in publicity. If you want to "hear" reviews instead of just reading them...well, wait until you see what this program can do! All you do is copy/paste a review into the DragonPad and highlight the text. Then, select "sound" and "read this." You can finally listen to reviews. In the future, I imagine we will be able to record reviews and listen to recorded reviews, but until then...

More than highly recommended! Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the ultimate in Speech Recognition Software.

~The Rebecca Review



Small Business Survival Book

Business Success , March 30, 2006

Barbara Weltman and Jerry Silberman have created the perfect book for small businesses. Not only will this book encourage an awareness of survival techniques, it will give businesses the information they need to go beyond survival into the area of business success where they will thrive.

Barbara Weltman has over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of small business and is known for her books on business, taxes and finance. She has also appeared on CNN, CNBC, The Today Show and radio stations nationwide.

Jerry Silberman presents his wisdom from his extensive experience in the area of debt-restructuring. For over 15 years, he has helped thousands of businesses on the verge of bankruptcy through his company: Commercial Credit Counseling Services, Inc. This company is impressively the nation's leading debt-restructuring firm for small businesses.

Together the authors present a well-organized plan to address the most pertinent issues facing business owners today. In the first chapter they address the human side of business, then they explore the financial aspects. Lastly, they introduce an unexpected side of business that could make or break even an established business.

Topics of high interest include:

Setting Goals
Writing a Business Plan
Marketing Plan & Advertising
Websites & Blogging
Managing Your Time
Reviewing Progress
Monitoring Cash Flow
Office Organization
What to Delegate
What not to Delegate
Working with Independent Contractors
Finding an Accountant, Banker, IT Consultant and Insurance Agent
Accepting Credit Card Payments
Working with Collection Agencies
Maintaining Credit
Repairing Credit
Tax Professionals

This book also provides information on business structures as well as information on trademarks and patents. The chapter on Insurance may be the most enlightening chapter because I would have never considered all the areas of a business that should be protected. Chapter 12 is especially helpful for any business that has found itself in a major predicament like a natural disaster. The information in this chapter allows for a high level of disaster preparedness.

The Small Business Survival Book is an entrepreneur's dream resource and is essential reading for anyone who owns a company or is considering a new business. The practical advice can be introduced into any business model and will not only help a business survive, it will help business owners market more effectively and sell more products. This is a business book you can truly love. It is enlightening, helpful and presents a strong foundation for business success. The Small Business Survival Book is truly a work of genius!

~The Rebecca Review


Inside Every Woman by Vickie L. Milazzo


Live a Life of Passion, May 25, 2006

Successful women respect the complexity of any chosen path and become students for life. ~ pg. 9

Vickie L. Milazzo is as willing to jump out of an airplane, as she is to jump into a new business venture. Throughout Inside Every Woman she explores how every woman can honor the passion that sparks creativity and the inner fire that drives them towards success.

Her insights into the 10 Feminine Forces encourage women to overcome obstacles and live the life they always knew was possible. Vickie L. Milazzo explains how passion emerges and evolves and gives excellent real-life examples of women who became successful by using ideas in this book.

What are you waiting for to have a life of passion? ~ pg. 6

This book is filled with excellent advice gained from experience. Strategies for replenishing your emotional energy and ideas on how to detach from energy draining activities explore an area where an energy reserve is built up in order to master future challenges. There is great advice about how to avoid distractions and a wise approach to developing daily rituals to nurture our spirits.

As Vickie says, she doesn't need a blow dryer to ride a camel and sleep in the Sahara desert. You have to love a woman who is beyond adventurous, has conquered fear and is willing to share her life and wisdom with the world. She believes the best cure for fear is action and in order to envision our future we may at times need to conqueror our fears. I could not have read this book at a better time in my life.

Do something every day that scares you. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Highly Recommended!

~The Rebecca Review






Breaking the Pattern


5 out of 5 stars=    Creating a More Fulfilling Life

“I can assure you that the successful people in your life who you admire apply many, or all, of the techniques described in this book. Success is no accident, nor is it unconscious. People who achieve their goals are almost always acutely aware of what directions they take in reaching their destinations.” ~Charles Stuart Platkin

If you are tired of spinning in the same circular conversations, walking the same paths to the same unfulfilling destinations or can’t seem to implement strategies to reach your goals, “Breaking the Pattern” might encourage you to remodel your life.

Charles Stuart Platkin has discovered five basic principles you can apply to your life in order to make changes, reach your dreams and finally live the ideal life of your choosing. He used the principles in this book to change his own life.

What started as a letter to a friend turned into self-reflection and through writing, Charles started to think more clearly. Through further interviews and discussions with friends and professionals the author started to find real answers:

1. What’s a Pattern and How Do I Know What Mine Are? – A study of self-sabotaging and self-paralyzing behavior. Are you choosing the easy path of substance abuse, short cuts or just making bad choices and finding someone else to blame? What are your triggers?

2. Self-Evaluation and Reflection Workshop – A variety of exercises where you answer questions and then analyze the answers. One of the most important sections in this chapter is “Asking the Right Questions.”

3. Failure Is an Asset Waiting to Be Discovered - Successful people seem to see rejection and failure as a reminder that they are still on the path towards their goals. Sometimes just having the goal and continuing towards that goal, no matter what, is a formula for success. The author explains how you can overcome fear and move beyond failure.

4. Taking Responsibility Leads to Freedom – An interesting look at blame, being a victim, making excuses, avoiding responsibility and being the martyr. A discussion of why many people surrender their responsibility to a higher power.

5. What Makes a Goal a Goal? - An interesting section on “intrinsic rewards.”

6. If You Can See “It” … “It” Can Happen – Do you have the discipline it takes to reach your goals? Ideas on how to set realistic goals and overcome obstacles in your way. There is a place to write down your ideas for short and long-term goals.

7. Making Change Happen and Transforming Your Life – What are your values? Are you open to possibility? How do you find the positive patterns?

8. Tactics and Strategies for Changing Your Life – In the final chapter, the author explains how our “internal commentary” can change our lives.

I loved all the inspirational quotes and stories, the positive and healing environment this book provides, and the idea that short-term failure is no excuse not to achieve long-term success.

Do you feel imprisoned by the past? Do you desire a more fulfilling future? “Breaking the Pattern” will help to set you free from the disappointments of the past so you can reach for a more positive future.

“Breaking the Pattern” is a well-written and well-organized collection of empowering ideas to help you modify your own behavior so you can finally leave failure in the dust. This is a book to help you reach your personal, relationship and career goals. It is perhaps one of the most important books you will ever read if you want to break free from destructive patterns of behavior.

~The Rebecca Review

Jay Abraham - Business CDs


5.0 out of 5 stars Tap into Secret Wealth, September 21, 2009
"When the going gets tough, the tough get growing." ~ Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham has an amazing mind. Give him a problem and he won't just think of one solution, he will think of twenty or more ideas that will make you money. He believes you can even benefit from bad times by taking control of your destiny and beating the competition. One thing Jay emphasizes is that it is not a good idea to go it alone. He talks about joint ventures and about how to hire people who will think of their work as play.

Do you have an irresistible product? Jay Abraham gives ideas about how to be successful at trade shows and explains how to convert website visitors into buyers. His encouraging message makes you feel like you are part of an exclusive club receiving the secrets of untapped wealth.

Jay Abraham has a wealth of case studies to draw from. He eagerly explains how his ideas have made clients millions of dollars. One of his ideas is to buy out your weaker competitors to get their buyers. You would of course be paying them a portion of the profits.

One of the most helpful suggestions is about how to handle email. It might sound simple but people waste hours on emails when they could be doing more important tasks that would make them money. If you find email to be constantly distracting then you might want to take Jay's advice on this matter.

Overall I feel this CD set would be most beneficial to anyone who wants to be more influential in the business world. Whether you are a corporate executive or an entrepreneur the advice Jay Abraham gives will open your mind to new possibilities.

"Your destiny is for the taking." ~ Jay Abraham

~The Rebecca Review




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