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Yoga Zone with
Yogiraj Alan Finger

Yoga Zone Flexiblity and Stress Release


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Reviewer: The Rebecca Review.com

Alan Finger is a true Yoga Master and this workout is perhaps one of the best yoga workouts out there for flexibility and stress release. Alan takes you from tense shoulders and emotional stress to a state where you literally feel like you are floating in total bliss.

The workout is outside in a beautiful natural location. Alan acts more like an instructor, focusing on the specifics while you really focus on what he is saying. I did eventually put a mirror in a location so I could see the TV while I was upside down. I laugh, but when you are looking down and your TV is way up on the wall, it can be difficult to follow along with a workout. Once you have done this workout a few times, you can put the mirror away, close your eyes and just listen to the instruction. Which is excellent and the best I’ve ever found in a yoga workout.

Even when Alan is not actually doing the exercises, his wife and another instructor are showing you all the variations and advanced moves. There are two VERY advanced moves on this video that I would not recommend even to intermediate students of yoga. You will need a lot of strength in your arms to balance in two of the exercises.

The first time you watch this video, you might not be able to do the exercises to their completion. Fear not. Do the video at least three times and you will be amazed at how fast you progress. Moving table was difficult at first, but by the third time, I could actually almost do this move.

If you are looking for strength, flexibility and relaxation, this workout will completely calm your nervous system and clear your mind. There is an interesting “chakra moment” at the end while you are flat on your back. You visualize colors and move relaxation from your toes to the top of your head. It was very interesting and healing.

You really do many of the yoga postures you are already familiar with, but with this video, the instruction is so superior, you move into new levels of stretching and flexibility. Even while doing downward-facing dog, I learned new ways to do the posture more correctly. There are some interesting sequences I’d never tried before.

The movements are well organized, fluid and move in perfect timing from one to the other. When you want to rest, you rest, when you feel you want to be challenged, you are challenged. The breathing instruction is also excellent and as your body flows with the breath, you literally feel empowered.

Upon completion of this video, you might feel freedom from emotional turmoil, have no discernable desires you can recognize, feel happy and want to do this video again!

This is a true Yoga escape! It does everything yoga is supposed to do. For days afterwards I felt focused, creative and happy for no reason. I handled emotional conflicts much more effectively and while I let other things go in my life so I could do this workout, it was so worth the utter feeling of peace I felt at the end.

In my TOP TEN of Yoga workouts.

I look forward to trying the four workout set called Yoga Zone Premiere Collection and anything by Yoga Zone or Alan Finger. His voice is so calming and he has a cute accent. He also has a great sense of humor and even made me laugh a few times.

If you are looking for additional self-esteem information that actually has encouraged me to exercise more: Caroline Myss Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power has been very helpful.



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