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Provence & the French Riviera


5.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous Pictures, November 6, 2011

If you've ever been to Provence or are dying to go there then this should be one of the first books you consult. This book has really helpful information like if you want to see lavender fields you should go to Provence during the last two weeks of July. However, this guide also notes that this is a very hot time of the year. Looking for sandy beaches instead of rocks - they can be found between St. Topex and Cannes. Want to visit Renoir's garden home? Then you'll be heading to Cagnes. This guide is filled with intriguing places to visit including medieval castles and luxury spas. There are also some pretty cool beaches. When I was in Cassis I didn't know you could take an excursion boat to an amazing beach. Next time I'll know. If you love beaches then you will appreciate the section on the Riviera's best beaches. The authors of this guide really did their research. Like they advise you to change your bank card's pin number to a four digit pin number before you travel. Also some hotels will only give you a limited amount of soap so best to bring your own. Another thing they mention is that infants need their own passport. So with this guide you will be well prepared!

~The Rebecca Review

Braun Independent Cordless Styler


Especially Convenient, January 30, 2007

The Braun Independent Cordless Styler is impressive in every way. This may be the ultimate cordless styler and you may want to use this daily. The freedom of not having to deal with a cord makes styling much easier and convenient.

The ceramic coating also makes the curling iron much easier to use. Your hair won't get caught or feel like its overheating. If you want to use this mostly with the curling brush, then I think you won't have any issues.

They may have fixed the issue of the brush coming off, because it seems to be very firmly attached and is not that easy to remove at first.

When you switch from the curling brush to the curling iron, the brush can seem like it is stuck, but a firm pull and it comes off without breaking.

This model doesn't seem to have the steam function, so if you want that option, look for model C20S. The handle has a soft grip, rubbery surface in two places that makes this easy to hold. The start function is very easy to use and the protective cover allows you to toss this in your purse, even while warm.

For some reason, this item made my hair even softer and smoother
than other curling irons I've tried in the past. It seemed to be a much
more pleasant comfortable experience.

~The Rebecca Review



Meditative Mediterranean and Middle East Journey, September 27, 2006

"History is a mirror of the past and a lesson for the present." ~Persian Proverb

Light filtering through stained-glass windows is surrounded by mosaic walls melting into dry earth and ragged rocks. The contrast of exterior isolation with interior beauty and richness lends a meditative quality as the music invites you to breathe deeply and saturate your consciousness with burnt sienna sands shimmering in the sunlight.

The play of shadow and light across the sands lends a poetic mystery to a moving painting of camels in the Sahara. The mingling of modern and ancient along with the fascinating activities of daily life make this especially beautiful to watch. Palace courtyards and fountains present intrigue while narrow streets and dimly lit hallways provide refuge from the intense heat.

This CD/DVD set also includes a 48-page book describing this region and includes historical details, cultural significance and creations of wonder as transcribed by British journalist Robin Denselow. A 20" X 30" National Geographic Poster Map shows detailed information and gives a sense of place to the multimedia journey.

The CD is beautiful to listen to on its own and presents music from Bel Canto, Sussan Deyhim, Gabrielle Roth, Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses, Jamshied Sharifi, Anouar Brahem, Pre Fade Listening. The DVD also includes music by Erkan Ogur, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, TUU and Tinariwen.

Some of the gorgeous vistas and visions include sunsets and deserts from Jordan, nomadic drummers, markets of Marrakech, roadside views from Meknes to Midelt, Gnawa Musicians in Taouz, Horsemen, Roman ruins from Morocco, the famous Karaouiyine Mosque, The Rose City, Petra in Jordan, carpet makers in Fez, craftsmen and artisans, the making of pottery, dimly lit side streets and flowers from Egypt.

SPIRIT envisions a more peaceful existence in the daily life of routines that go back thousands of years. The mystical music winds and weaves through ancient landscapes and the ambient escape can also be a meditative journey.

~The Rebecca Review


Komenuka Bijin Travel Set


Skin Calming Set for Travel, July 26, 2006

Perfect for a week vacation or as larger sample sizes, the Natural Kobo products will make your skin feel moisturized and pampered. Rice Bran is the secret to these products and the results are immediately apparent in the texture of your skin. After just one to two uses, you start to notice a sense of calm and order descending upon your formerly sensitive skin.

If you have oily or combination skin, you may be amazed at how balanced your skin is and how you no longer experience the shine breakthrough in your makeup due to the initially drying aspects of other cleansers. The Komenuka Bijin Facial Cleansing Foam (25g) is very economical and an eighth of a teaspoon is enough for a wonderful face cleansing experience. The ingredients include: Rice Germ Oil, Rice Bran, Coconut Oil, Seaweed, Aloe Algae, Ginkgo Biloba, Matricaria, Yeast, Perilla Ocymoides, Honey, Lithospermum and Fountain Water.

Follow the cleanser with the Komenuka Bijin Skin Lotion (Toner/30ml) and you may wonder why you are suddenly catching the scent of SAKE. In fact, this cleansing toner does contain SAKE along with Rice Bran, Seaweed, Aloe, Yeast, Glycyrrhizate, Orange, Lemon, Matricaria, Algae, Luffa Cylindrica and Fountain Water. The toner completes the process of removing impurities and also has the added benefit of contracting the pores so they look smaller. Men may also enjoy this as an aftershave lotion.

The Skin Essence contains Mulberry that naturally lightens discoloration from sun damage and aging. The antioxidants help to revitalize the skin. This is applied before the cream.

The Moisture Cream (10g) is so adorable in its tiny tube, but it goes a long way. The main oils are Rice Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil. Vitamin E, Rice Bran and Aloe make this a skin-healing treat.

If you are looking for an easy way to try out the skincare system or you just want to take these products with you wherever you go (they are addictive), then I can highly recommend this and any of the Komenuka products. I love how calm they make me feel. These products cover all bases and whether you live in a cold, dry or humid climate, your skin will feel protected.

Other products to fall in love with (click here to see individual reviews):

Cleansing Powder - Packets of deep cleansing grains turn silky and creamy when you add water.

Makeup Remover - A fragrance-free cream that removes makeup and mascara. Based on olive oil.

UV Cream - Slightly tinted and waterproof, this sunblock also seems to even out skin tone. Could be used as a makeup base if you are looking for a more natural look.

Hair Shampoo & Conditioner - Thickens fine hair instantly. Removes buildup and leaves your hair feeling luxurious.

~The Rebecca Review



Train Case

Here is my all-time favorite packing list for traveling.  

When planning your vacation, go to Festivals so you can 

find out what holidays and festivals are going on in the world.

During some times banks will be closed, so take some extra cash.







Fanny Pack/Backpack/Purse


Looking for a purse which converts into a backpack from Travel Smith

This site is simply the best online travel catalog I have found.


Strange and Unusual Items: Unclaimed Baggage






Camera and X-ray proof film pouch

Preprinted address labels for postcards for all your friends - beats packing the whole address book!

Send yourself a postcard for your scrapbook :)





Photocopy documents twice, leave one copy with a friend/family, one copy in suitcase.

Document pouch (undercover passport carrier, money belt, etc.)

ID or Passport (be sure it is current and will not expire before your trip ends/ make a copy to keep in suitcase)
Health documents (proof of necessary shots, etc.)
Airline, train, bus, etc. tickets (transportation)
Emergency information

Travel Insurance
International driver's license

Tickets to special events (concerts, festivals, sporting events)
Hotel reservation confirmations



Also See: Vacations







Traveler's checks
Small amount of local currency
Credit cards - keep receipts for customs





Travel Candles



Perfect for Travel or Gifts, December 26, 2006

Review for Forest Candle -

After buying one of the Forest Candles for my mom, the comforting scent of pine inspired me to buy another candle for my home. This is perfect as a gift, but you might want a few for wintery forest moods.

The pine scent is enhanced with spicy cinnamon and fresh fruit, although pine is the most evident essential oil. It is mostly reminiscent of Christmas trees, although there is a faint freshness that has a hint of newly fallen snow and a clear winter chill in the air.

The L'Occitane Winter Forest candle is mysterious and has an especially beautiful glow in this silvery hexagonal container that is pretty enough to leave out on a table or would look perfectly festive on the mantle. Since the tin may become hot with extended use, you might want to place this on a pretty plate.

The only thing better than the scent of pine during the holiday season, might be the scent of this candle, some hot apple cider and recipes from a cookbook called "Crave" by Ludo Lefebvre. With this candle, I truly do feel like I'm baking in the middle of a forest.

~The Rebecca Review



www.SeatGuru.com - Information on seat pitch and width - see which seats passengers
request the most. 


The world's best Burt Bee's lip balm - it really is! Get it at the link above.

Hand Cream

Motion sickness pills

Your favorite snack and/or food for plane trip if you hate airplane food.

Bottled water for plane trip

A small spray bottle filled with rose water or make your own

Aromatherapy neck wraps 

Lavender oil

Mini umbrella




Spry Gum




Brain Food




You Are Here Traveling with JohnnyJet.com: The Ultimate Internet Travel Guide




A computer so you can watch your own movies and listen to your own music.

Travlang Learn a new word in your favorite language

Langenberg Translation of paragraphs or entire Web pages in many languages.


Guide books and maps - to learn customs of the country you are visiting or take a program to learn a language on your computer.  Compact travel games, magazines, paperbacks. Longitude Books for guide books.  


Sound Kase is a great idea for keeping your CD's safe when traveling.


Rosetta Stone  Learn Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Thai, Polish, Swedish, 
English, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Greek, Swahili, Dutch, Latin, Welsh, Korean, Indonesian, Hebrew, Welsh and many more...


Earth Google  Search for addresses or search for hotels and restaurants. Zoom into an address. 


iJourneys - Listen as you walk around Rome, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Vienna, Florence,
Amsterdam, Pompeii and more. To get 50% off enter code: SGKC10





Carry On


Remember to check current size restrictions

Are you taking your computer? www.igo.com has the solutions for you!






Travel Bottles



Travel Smith carries this great little spill proof bottle set or try these: Coghlans Contain-Alls

Fill the bottles with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, creams, etc.

Then you will have all you need for a week or more.  The rest

of the items you need can go in the bag below or a organizer type

bag which will be convenient to hang on the back of a bathroom door.  


Other Items:

Waterproof Sunscreen

Travel Alarm Clock - Seiko DF4022CS World Travel Alarm and...


Sunburn ointment

Personal prescriptions

Vitamins in daily dose packets from Vitamin Shoppe  

Special medications you keep around the house but might not find where you are going - hint! 

Paper prescription if needed.  Also, keep medication and vitamins  in original bottles!

First Aid kit might be useful

Converter plugs- hint: buy a blow dryer which has dual voltage
Luggage ID tags

Bug repellent

Band-aids and antiseptic



Pillow and blanket - a must for those long trips in the plane, don't trust them to have one for you!


Just in case:

One change of clothes in case your suitcase gets lost!





Rolling Luggage






Clothes for all occasions and weather specific items, Travel Smith has some great clothes too.

Travel Apparel has some fun items and Travelers' Vests for guys 1-800-631-4222

Shoes for walking, working out and dining out
Luggage ID tags
Electrical conversion plugs
Mesh or plastic garbage bag for laundry
Portable steam iron



Sketch pad and pencil - you can pretend to be an artist in France...just kidding. 

Stop all newspaper delivery or have a neighbor collect mail and papers

Set timers for house lights and lawn sprinklers

Arrange transport to and from airport

Give a copy of itinerary to house sitter or close relative

Make arrangements for someone to feed and visit your pets or call a service

Extra rolls of film and camera batteries

Journal to record memories





  Parent Travel Tips:


  1.  Pack a travel backpack for each child. Paper, markers, pens, pencils, 

       tic-tac-toe, tape, stickers, toys, Kids Travel Kit from AAA

  2.  Pick up kids books on tape from your local library.

  3.  Give each child 10 coins and if they ask "When are we going to be there?" Take away a coin.

  4.  Pack popular road snacks. Pretzels, fruit, etc.

  5.  For very young children, pull over and occasionally find a playground.

  6.  Play games like I see something with the letter...___

  7.  Count things along the side of the road.

  8.  Take a plane, might be faster :)

  9.  Find as many license plates from different states as you can.

10.  Invent stories about the people in the car next to yours...nice things :)

11. Count cars of the same color.

12. Tell three things ...two are true, one is a lie. Everyone guess which one is the lie. 


       More  Travel  Tips for Parents..

       See Current Catalog for item #067494 - A back seat car organizer for kids.



Pet Travel Tips:  


Pets Welcome - find pet friendly accommodations.






Travel With Others: Without Wishing They'd Stayed Home

5 out of 5 stars A Book for Travelers and Their Companions, April 15, 2004

Can traveling really be hazardous to relationships? Are there people you would never travel with or dread traveling with on vacations? Then this book might present a few creative solutions.

Nadine Nardi Davidson has spent 27 years as a travel consultant and in this time she has assisted many travelers from age 9 to 90. In this book she finally shares all her travel insights and secret tips for staying sane while traveling.

In this entertaining book you will discover:

The Nine Travel Types (You might find you are a little of each, but one will be dominant and it does seem that "shopper" and "culturist" seemed familiar.) Nadine mentions that you might be a combination of travel types.

Travel Etiquette when Traveling with your Employer or Business Colleagues

How to Survive Traveling with Your Friends, Spouse, Pet, Relatives, In-Laws and Kids

The Honeymoon (If there is a hurricane on the way in, leave no matter what your husband says. Ha, ha. )

What to do when your teenager falls in love while you are on vacation

What to do when you take your child's friend along on your vacation

Nadine's writing style is comforting, often humorous and always a pleasure to read. This is one of the most interesting books on travel I've read to date. There are concepts in this book I would never have even considered. On my last trip I used her idea about limiting my wardrobe to one or two basic colors. That would be black clothes as a basic and therefore all shoes could be black too, etc. Nadine is right about packing toiletries. They can truly take longer to pack than your clothes.

Throughout the book you will find real-life stories that are often humorous and always entertaining. This is an insiders view of travel and this book is filled with practical advice.

You will also find travel checklists, information on special airline meals, making a traveler's medical kit and packing tips for trips of 7-21 days. May I also suggest: Smart Packing by Susan Foster.

Whether you are traveling to visit family for the holidays or traveling overseas, this book is an essential guide to enjoying your next vacation or business trip.


Smart Packing for Today's Traveler

5 of 5 stars Everything You Need to Know and More April 15, 2004 

I have been doing what a travel writer lives for - traveling. I packed for a three-week trip to France (one week in Paris, the balance in Provence) in a 22" roll-aboard bag plus a small tote. Using all my best tips from Smart Packing, I had everything I needed or wanted and easily traveled by plane, train and very small car. It works! ~ Susan Foster

When I was getting ready for a trip to Seattle, we were told that the dress would be business casual. Well, since I am working from home, I needed to figure out what would be acceptable. I tend to overdress for all occasions and this time I decided to do research. After reading through the wardrobe sections, I decided to go a step below business casual and it felt right.

So, are you planning for a cruise? Part III: Customize Your Wardrobe is going to save you so much time and you will have more fun shopping for the clothes you will actually want to wear. The words: "less is best" is pretty foreign to me. I pack enough for three weeks at least. Just taking a backpack would be horrifying to me. Yet, this is what some people learn to do while traveling. Whether you are traveling light or taking it all, this book has something to offer. I went with the "One Week Trip, Casual Business Wardrobe" idea.

Susan has divided her book into four main sections:

1. Plan Your Perfect Trip - Planning for weather, travel fabrics, packing perfectly, etc.
2. Pack Smart - Airport Security, choosing the right luggage, checking or carrying bags?
3. Customize Your Wardrobe - Business, Cruise, Adventure, Resort, Sports, selecting clothes for your kids.
4. Travel Safely in Comfort and Good Health - Things to do before you leave home, worthwhile travel gadgets, money matters and travel insurance.

Some of the helpful tips included:

How to use a paper shopping bag to make unpacking easier. Great idea.
How to layer clothes so they don't get wrinkled.
Tips for not getting your luggage stolen when going through security.
Saline Nasal Spray - Helps you not to get sick from being on a plane.
Tips for traveling with infants and younger children
Take-Along Medicine Cabinet
Resource Guide - Lists of online sources for travel clothes, accessories/luggage, publications, organizations.

Smart Packing is more than a packing guide, Susan will show you how to travel in comfort and style. Without this book, I would have felt so lost. This book gave me the confidence I needed to go shopping for the right clothes and taught me a thing or two about packing for a business trip. I still pack too much, but hey I have wheels on my luggage. On the way home, they made me move some items to another bag because I went over the 50 lb limit. Um, oops. Yeah, I went shopping.


Eurpean Travel Journal

Travel Journal with Inspirational Travel Quotes, November 2, 2004

We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us. ~Marcel Proust

If you are looking for a compact travel journal that has a beautiful plastic cover and can fit easily into your backpack or purse, then this might be for you. The quotes in this slim journal caught my attention because I had read very few of them or was actually trying to find out the author for numerous quotes.

There are over 100 journal pages, tips on beginning and maintaining a journal, inspirational quotes, recommended travel guides and websites, tourist office locations, blank address pages, conversion and clothing size charts, money and currency exchange information, U.S. embassies and consulates, packing tips and checklists, record keeping lists, journal contents page, natural remedies, Cybercafe locations, European holidays and even information on how to make an easy return to the U.S.

Each journal page had a line for Date and Place and the
lines are delicate so you don't have to keep within the lines.

When I last traveled to Europe, I didn't think of having a journal with me. Why? I was just so excited about the trip itself, I didn't think of writing about the experience while I was traveling. Now I wish I'd had this journal with me so I could remember more of my trip in detail.

I'd also recommend this book to quote collectors because of the unique journal and travel quotes and short biographies of American and European authors, artists and thinkers.



British Isles

British Isles in 3 hours and 30 minutes, December 28, 2005

The most intriguing bookstore is the world's largest secondhand bookstore in Hay-on-Wye in Wales. ~Rick Steves

Rick Steves explores the British Isles in order to experience local customs and to mingle with the locals in pubs and at festivals. The London & Edinburgh show is perhaps the funniest Rick Steves' travel diary yet. These are very personal journeys, not unlike a travel diary that tells of who you met and where you ate, not to mention which museum you discovered.

Rick Steves has an amazing talent for making the unknown seem like something you may want to discover. He also has a great appreciation for beauty and likes to have fun traveling with his family. He takes his family on a day trip to Blackpool where they enjoy Amusement Park rides. His wife is all smiles as Rick Steves explains the historical significance of monuments to his children. She seems to be having the best time of her life and seems to share Rick Steves' sense of adventure.

The three main sections of this DVD include:

London & Edinburgh
Wales, Cotswold & Bath
Ireland, Dublin & Belfast

Then there are three special sections for Blenheim Palace, Blackpool and Stratford. You get to see where Shakespeare's wife lived (Anne Hathaway's Cottage), where they now put on Shakespeare's plays in a replica of the original theatre, the Globe. The gardens are refreshing and somewhat untamed in all their beauty. If you love gardening, you may enjoy the brief moments when you can guess the names of the flowers as the camera sweeps through the garden.

There are also scenes of gorgeous outdoor settings with rushing streams amidst romantic settings, crumbling stonewalls that run for miles through the countryside (Hadrian's Wall), mansions you could get lost in and little tea shops hidden in bed and breakfast locations in quaint towns. The food looks especially delicious and if you stay in a quaint B&B, the owners can give recommendations, not to mention giving you directions for how to find your way around the Cotswold Villages.

Rick Steves freely gives his advice and explains why he enjoys Cambridge over Oxford and gives tips on how to pack for your vacation. He also shows how to preserve your memories by taking great pictures.

Of all the travel shows on the British Isles, this completely explains the main events in history, highlights the places you want to visit or lets you vicariously enjoy memories of your trip to London, Ireland or Wales. You may also start dreaming of again visiting Medieval castles or have a desire to learn how to make an Irish cable knit sweater or start looking for a cardigan.

As someone who has been to London as a teenager, this DVD made me wish I could instantly return for a long vacation! Especially to see the castles. Until I can travel again, I'll live vicariously through Rick Steves' magnificent and fun adventures. He has a great sense of humor and his love for travel will awaken your own sense of discovery.

Highly Recommended.


P.S. If you enjoy the Best of Travels in Europe adventure, look for Rick Steves' Great Britain 2005, a book that is a nice companion to the DVD.


Chile and Easter Island


Valley of the Moon, June 4, 2006

Ian Wright provides laughter therapy throughout an exciting journey to Chile and Easter Island. When he is not running into the ocean with a sense of abandon, he is walking across steam-covered landscapes infused with a sense of adventure.

As one of my favorite travel guides he excels at making you feel you are on a journey where you never know what might happen next. The scenery in this DVD is spectacular as he travels across the driest desert in the world, visits some of the best observatories in the world and has a go at llama herding.

He walks with observers of religious traditions and takes a ten-mile hike to one of the most beautiful locations in the world where towering mountains showcase climber's dream rock walls.

It doesn't matter whether he is sipping tea to ward off altitude sickness or asking other travelers for advice about setting up his tent while camping, Ian Wright is one of the most adventurous travelers in the world and connects with the culture and people living in any area where he travels.

Truly inspirational and who would have thought you could find apple strudel in Chile?

~The Rebecca Review




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