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The Heart of the Soul: 
Emotional Awareness

The Heart of the Soul


=    A Guidebook for Traveling Through our Emotional Landscape  June 20, 2003

“You are a soul that is temporarily utilizing your body.” ~Gary Zukav

Is the world changing? Have we suddenly discovered a lack of fulfillment in our materialistic endeavors or have we always felt this way but have only recently decided to talk about it?

I have recently met more Multisensory individuals who believe we have a soul and who are striving for spiritual fulfillment. They see more than a world where we experience pleasure from our five senses. They also seem very aware that there is more to life than the American Dream. I myself have found out about the American Nightmare.

We are looking for a deeper life, a life where people care about one another, where we all feel valuable, safe and loved. Compassionate and wise individuals are heaven to meet and can be teachers who present stunning insight and convincing arguments to lead us to believe in our own ability to find authentic power.

To me, the American Nightmare is reaching the American Dream and realizing it is not everything you hoped for and your life becoming a whirlwind of things to do which just don’t satisfy the cravings of your soul. Just because you have the big house, the car, the huge kitchen doesn’t mean you will be happy. In fact, having too much can detract from your spiritual goals. Materialism can be a heavy burden for the soul who desires a world of freedom, love and joy.

After downsizing my life so I could spend more time washing my soul with encouraging words, I decided it was time to go back to where I first started on this journey and read another book by Gary Zukav back in 2000.

I like his idea about viewing life as a school and that has become tightly woven into my own earth experience. If Earth is a School and teachers appear when we need them most, then Gary has been one of my teachers when I most needed the information he has to present to this student of life.

I see Gary Zukav evolving himself as I read each new book. “The Heart of the Soul” is his most organized work I’ve read yet. Theory and heart are balanced fully. Linda and Gary balance one another fully and together they have created a beautiful work.

While “Seat of the Soul” and “Soul Stories” explained the basic principles, this is specifically a guidebook to the emotional world we experience on a daily basis but might have difficulty categorizing.

This is really a book for everyone who wants to figure out where our emotions come from and where they can take us on our spiritual journey. To grow spiritually and act from a place of authentic power, we often have to step back and observe those emotions that are evolving from fear. This can feel like an ocean is pulling you under and you are fighting to swim to the surface.

Gary almost suggests that we should allow ourselves to enter this ocean of emotions and observe the way the waves are moving until we can control the ocean with our own minds instead of letting the ocean control our bodies and minds.

You start to realize how powerful your mind really is. Instead of running off into life and only seeking your own pleasure, you start to think more about how your actions would cause other people to feel.

You become more aware of your intentions. You wait for your emotions to subside before making rash decisions that could change people’s lives. Who has not made a poor decision when in a state of extreme anxiety, fear or anger? Waiting out the tidal waves of pain can leave you resting on a peaceful beach, observing the destruction yet knowing you survived.

Gary focuses on some real-life issues which can make your life hell. These include perfectionism, addiction to drugs and alcohol, overeating, obsessive compulsive behaviors, idol worship, power struggles, searching for salvation, judging others, anger, workaholism and even sexual addiction.

Either you can learn how to avoid the hell through your own personal experience, or you can be made aware of how to avoid painful situations in your life through a deeper awareness of what causes that pain. This book also contains illustrations, diagrams, empowering thoughts and authentic power practices to encourage emotional awareness.

I do not think one person has all the answers, but Gary’s thoughts are definitely pieces of the puzzle I need to make my life more complete. This book would not mean as much to me if I was not already on a spiritual path and had a belief in a God who sent Jesus Christ to take the burden of my sins, provide me genuine salvation for my soul and who can take my actions from stray emotions and toss them into a sea of absolute forgiveness. I am freed from my guilt and can rest in the knowledge of a loving God who put me on this earth to learn how to love. Failing only means I have to try again. God is always willing to forgive. Learning from our past mistakes is just part of life. Not making new mistakes might be very connected to becoming more emotionally aware.

To be interested in spirituality can at times only heighten the tests, create immense spiritual struggles and cause you to analyze your entire life so that you can then start to figure out was is eternally important rather than what is momentarily significant.

You don’t always have to act on all your desires or be swayed by all your emotions. This book will teach you how to create a better life for yourself by listening to your emotions who become teachers in themselves or at least are classes you can either pass or take repeatedly through life.

The Mind of the Soul ” by Gary Zukav should be equally intriguing.

Other books to enjoy:

The Rainbow Bridge by Brent N. Hunter
Affirmations for Self Healing by J. Donald Walters

~The Rebecca Review 


Soul to Soul

4.0 out of 5 stars A Comforting Message with Beautiful Insights, July 18, 2008

I remember the first time I heard of Gary Zukav. He was on Oprah. For me this was a life changing experience because it started me reviewing. Since then I have read most of Gary Zukav's books, so I was delighted when I found this one. His books have a comforting and compassionate message that is relevant to our daily lives. In this book he deals with issues like forgiveness and how we shouldn't judge other people (discernment is preferable). These are the same lessons Jesus tried to teach the world thousands of years ago. We are still trying to incorporate these lessons into our lives today in order to be more spiritual creatures.

When Jesus taught us to love our enemies did he mean that we can't protect ourselves when we are attacked? In the bible there are many stories of how Israel went to war with various enemies. Gary Zukav sees retaliation as the wrong response so you may or may not agree with his ideas about 9/11. In an ideal world where everyone was spiritually advanced there would never be war and everyone would share their resources. This hasn't happened yet so the ideas in this book are a little ahead of their time.

In "Soul to Soul" Gary Zukav deals with many questions that need to be answered. His main belief still seems to be that we are all at "earth school" in order to learn lessons for soul growth. Some of the questions he answers include:

What is the difference between a personality and a soul?
What is the difference between habit and addiction?
Can visualization and affirmation change Karma?
How does a person know what he was put on earth to do?
What is the difference between a healthy boundary and emotional withdrawal?
Can I remain a Christian and create authentic power?

I liked his ideas about how we can't always become fearless but we can decide how to respond to fear. Most of the thoughts in this book will make you think about life on a deeper level. One of the things he talks about a lot is nonphysical teachers which sound like angels to me. When he discusses the Universe this could also be taken as God or a Divine Presence.

While I agreed with most of the book, two sentences caused me some concern. One was about how it is not possible to do the wrong thing while on earth. Everyone makes mistakes so it is very possible to do the wrong thing. I also don't believe that when you fight evil you join it. Are you not fighting on the opposite side of good? I also wondered if Gary had ever read about near-death experiences because he doesn't mention them when discussing life after death and how humans return to a nonphysical reality. Apparently we will still have bodies after death, at least this is what I've read in regards to near-death experiences. When you go to heaven your relatives are there to greet you so how could they have been reincarnated? Gary also believes in reincarnation so I'm not sure how you go to a nonphysical reality and are also reincarnated at the same time. Perhaps he believes you go to one and then the other. This was a little confusing.

For the most part, I think Gary Zukav is striving for an ideal world in which we all have control over our emotions and everyone is loving and forgiving. "Soul to Soul" presents many pathways for those who want to be spiritually mature. If you are struggling with negative emotions or addictions then this book has much to offer. The main message is that we are souls having a human experience in which we change ourselves (fight negativity and regain control of our emotions) in order to become more spiritual.

~The Rebecca Review



Wind Chimes Solo Piano


Calming Retreat, January 18, 2007

Melodious comfort drifts through opaque words of crystalline perfection. That is to say, the clarity of the piano on "Wind Chimes" is especially beautiful and elegant. This is an energetic, yet calming. Sanctuary Melody makes me feel especially healed and nurtured emotionally.

As the album progresses, all your stress lifts off your shoulders and you start to feel spiritually cleansed and emotionally healed.

"Spring Breeze" is stunning and like every album, the music on this one retunes the soul. "Haunting Beauty" is especially profound.

I have rarely heard a piano played with such a deeply intuitive quality all while the music retains an element of fresh natural beauty. Greg Maroney's playing takes your heart to new levels and is a peaceful retreat. I have fallen asleep on many nights with his music wandering in my dreams.

~The Rebecca Review


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