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Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook
by Martha Hopkins, Randall Lockridge
and Ben Fink (photographer)

Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook


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5 out of 5 stars Culinary Seduction!, January 15, 2001

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

From the deliciously entertaining text to the tantalizing recipes, you will be seduced into reading this cookbook. There are 85 couple-tested recipes, humorous notes to make you smile and even suggestions for music selections with dinner.

Chocolate, asparagus, chiles, coffee, basil, grapes, strawberries, honey, artichokes, black beans, oysters, rosemary, edible flowers, pine nuts, avocados and figs are all displayed on the body in a tasteful way. Yes, the models are only wearing food!

The comments by couples who tested the recipes are perhaps the most personal part of the book. The words melt into the pages so easily and effortlessly. The sumptuous collection of recipes are erotic, inspirational and enticing. The recipes may encourage a playful, erotic, sensual or romantic response.

The "chocolate fig bundles" recipe looked tempting, so I set out to make them. The satiny sheets of phyllo pastry smothered in butter told me one thing, these were going to be heavenly. I filled figs with the almond/chocolate mixture and wrapped them up snuggly in the pastry. They only took 13 minutes to bake.

To serve these heady treats, I piped the whip cream into five little hearts all around the two dinner plates. I used sliced almonds mixed with more grated chocolate, confectioners' sugar and colored sugar to sprinkle over the whipped cream. The pastries were set in the middle of the hearts and served while still warm. I also drizzled these pastries with a little honey. My husband didn't leave a crumb!

For those interested in taking things a bit further than cooking, there is a section on recommended reading, advice on selecting aromatherapy candles, sources for edible massage oils and information on how to make specific stages of any relationship into a reason to cook up something satisfying. If you are still hungering for more information, you can explore the list of books and food Web sites included for your pleasure.

You will want to try the "chocolate hazelnut truffles," asparagus frittata," "honey-peppered salmon," "espresso cream," "grilled scallops with basil and lavender essence," "grape sorbet," and "Cornish hens with strawberry glaze."

After reading this cookbook, I seriously doubt that you will ever view the grocery store in the same way. As you walk down the coffee isle, you will inhale the intoxicating aromatic coffee bean aroma deeply with your eyes closed. Intercourses will make you more aware of the sensual pleasures of food. Purchase this book for the one you love, for those you know are in love and for those you want to fall in love. All I have to say is: "Yes, Yes, Yes.....buy this book and share it with your husband or wife!" This is a book for the kitchen, coffee table and for reading in bed.


The Seduction Cookbook


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