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The Attraction - Evening Ocean


Love at first listen...  July 7, 2006

Evening Ocean’s The Attraction is a breathtaking masterpiece that inspires complete and utter abandon into musical bliss. The styles shift from ambient to dance and from pure pop to mesmerizing electronica. This magical debut album was mastered by Don Grossinger, who previously mastered projects for Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Faithless.

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1. The Attraction
2. Senses Awake 
3. Waiting For You At The Subway Platform
4. Ending (Open Your Eyes)
5. First, The Heights
6. Trusting You With Everything
7. The Note
8. Haze
9. Friday
10. Night Walk
11. Aurora (Sleepless)
12. Waves
13. Perfect Summer Sky
14. Going Home
15. Every Time I Say Your Name
16. Share Love (Until There's Nothing Left)

The Attraction instantly connects with deep currents surging from the center of energy itself and in dramatic clarity reveals a musical destiny. Piano moves at a mesmerizing speed, then awakens into a deep ambiance alive with mystery and building passion. The intensity of the desire leaves you pleasantly stunned.

Senses Awake is a surprising ancestral fusion, a mingling of earth and sky with days slipping by planets in an inspired soundscape that melts into sublime moments of anticipation. I was left speechless only awaiting the next note moving from earth into a mirror of sound drenched landscapes. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces of music you will ever hear in this lifetime and as it saturates your consciousness you may wish to listen to it again and again. It is the most peaceful place my soul has ever been. 

Waiting For You At The Subway Platform is a new world of beats and speeding blurs of metallic textures as the music takes off in a fast-paced alchemy. Each moment fully captures your attention as it propels you into vast open spaces. 

Ending is a sexy pop tempo awakening where a master of moods leads you to lush ecstatic landscapes where cabs wait for lovers on rain-drenched streets. Symphonic and perfectly balanced, "First, The Heights," is a place where strings ascend in sensory swirls and build into a moment of silence.

Trusting You With Everything is stirring and beautiful, with inspired undercurrents seeking to draw you beneath into an underwater world. It is as if you are discovering sounds for the first time, uncovering a future of possibility. 

The Note quickly follows in a sweet silky kiss of sound. Delicate in beauty, it creates the most sublime moment on this album. The dreamy quality leads perfectly into Haze where guitar creates a mood reminiscent of a walk outside beneath the stars.  

The awakening in Friday is a world of percussion where dance beats create a club energy, but this can also be enjoyed for the dynamic strengths and surrender into sound. 

To be lost within is to wander in Night Walk. This deeply sensual track moves in and out of reality. Film directors will fall in love with this instantly. With rapid pacing and exciting flourishes, you can truly walk into another world. Night Walk is a mingling of supreme beauty interlaced with moments of exquisite curiosity. Stunning and Revelatory! Possibly a vision of the future of music.

Aurora (Sleepless) mellows the mood and takes the pace to a tranquil open space as Waves delves into World Music and turns the album inside out.

The emotional beauty in Perfect Summer Sky perfectly captures longing and passion. Such magnificence is rare and it may provoke the deepest and most exquisite emotions. 

Going Home defies inertia and has the feeling of a plane taking off to a mysterious destination. Every Time I Say Your Name is an angelic and awe-inspiring track that seems to reflect the album's soul. Share Love has unique mind bending sounds that complete this musical journey. 

Evening Ocean is the most amazing musical discovery of 2006 and is a must-buy CD. The stunning artwork and photography by Natalie Shau will make this a collector’s item. 

The Attraction is truly love at first listen…

~The Rebecca Review 


Sleepthief the Dawnseeker


Aural Ambrosia, February 22, 2007

"Searching, I hear it call me
Knowing it's you I hear
The sweet embrace of you near
Spring night descends its sweetness on me
This late night stroll leading
With one thought on my mind..."
~Kiss to Savor

Sleepthief's "the Dawnseeker" slips into your world like a faraway dream and then it takes over your every waking hour as you find yourself lost in its endless intoxicating dream. At times mythological (Eurydice) and at other times modern (The Metro). The songs can at times sink deeply into an almost gothic romantic contemplation (Kiss to Savor).

"You Did a Good Thing" has an uplifting hopeful quality, while Kristy Thirsk's crystalline vocals are truly angelic and stunning within the celestial textures of "Sublunar." The silky sensual mood remains consistent throughout making this a perfect album to listen to while reading, say a novel. I loved listening to this while reading Broken Paradise.

If you love Lunascape, Balligomingo (Beneath the Surface), Zero 7 or Delerium or Kirsty Hawkshaw - Meta Message (she appears on The Chauffeur) you may find this intoxicating. If you love electronica, you may also want to take a romantic journey with "The Attraction" by Evening Ocean.

"Just say that you love me
Alone and silent face to face
just say that you need me
Those words that swallow this empty space"
~Just Say It featuring Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape)

~The Rebecca Review



Autumn Continent - Between Interval


Isolated Ambience , February 6, 2007

Sublime, relaxing layers of sound sweep over you like the last warm breezes at the end of summer, rustling a few leaves. Spacious worlds warm into a delicate isolated ambience. This is an album to listen to when you are spending the night in a contemplative mood. Within the approaching silence there is a crisp hint of ice in the air.

At times "Hidden Wastelands" seems to almost disappear and then it emerges in a silky tribal infusion that leads to a sensuous warm soothing trance trajectory.

"The Tides of Time" draws you deeply into this album, saturating your consciousness with a deep sigh of peace. "Passageway" shimmers with long forgotten dreams and then awakens into new discoveries with a dark ambient wave and hints of falling stars.

The subtle pulsing energies in "Early Life Remainings" has a delicate hint of passion that breaks free into rhythmically sensual mood. The next three tracks follow this lead but mellow into warm rapturous infusions of intoxicating dreams. "Atrium" is a moody haze while "Autumn Continent 2" seems to embody a wistful longing. The mood is one of being completely alone and completely connected, as if your soul is wandering far away and has found peace.

"Between Interval" is the type of music you listen to deep into the night or while sinking into warm water or as you fall into dreams. This is relaxing music that still holds within its power an exciting revelatory element, the type that speaks softly of artistic elegance all while leaving you in a state of awe at the musical mastery.

~The Rebecca Review


The Reminder by Feist


The Harbor becomes The Sea, June 2, 2007
Sweet silky sweeps of melodious comfort introduce an exciting album in "So Sorry." Indie artist Feist seems to be returning to the heart of her music where her voice melts pleasantly with jangly flourishes and playfully insistent guitar. Her pacing captures your attention as a toy box of sounds almost makes this album feel more organic.

The album merges jazzy pop with folk sensibilities to produce a pleasant vibrancy that draws you subtly into an intoxicating experience. The interesting transition with sounds of someone running in a park blends "My Moon My Man" effortlessly with "Park." Here even sentimentality feels modern with an artistic warmth. The originality of the ideas slip into "Water" with a delicate sultry ambience that turns whispery. "Sea Lion" is much more adventurous and is more like cold water splashing in your face as it jolts you from your contemplative solitude. Feist then almost turns country in "Past in Present."

The album quiets and returns to contemplative lyrics as it turns sweetly sultry again and charming in "1234." Her silky voice turns breathy in "Brandy Alexander" and then strikingly clear in "Intuition." The harp is a surprise on "Honey Honey" and each song continues to amaze with creative appeal. The entire album feels like one line of the lyrics when she sings: "The harbor becomes the sea." This is an album of infinite possibilities with invitations into a memorable experience.

~The Rebecca Review



Azam Ali Elysium for the Brave


Exotic Worlds of Exquisite Beauty, January 26, 2007

"Waiting for the rain
For the skies lamenting
All around silence
Has its roots sunk deep

My longing lingers
My tresses twist
But in my isolation
All truth is empty"
~Endless Reverie

Azam Ali's poetic genius births itself into beauty as ancient strains of exotic memories weave spells of intrigue around her expressive voice. This is an album into which you may feel you are slowly immersed in a subtle warm intoxication.

The lyrics are mysterious and the moods are memorable escapes where haunting textures invite you into worlds in which you wish to live. Alluring and inventive with breathtaking atmospheres and tantalizing instrumentation, these elements make this album a moment of beauty that somehow wanders in your soul for hours after you listen to the music.

I love this escape from the ordinary into a musical fantasy. Azam Ali's voice is silk, rose petals and warm soothing baths scented with pomegranates and orange. The haunting intimacy of each track breathes new life into global fusion. The music produces some beautiful visualizations.

While listening to this album, I see her in a mist wandering along rivers in India, stepping into a temple infused with incense or walking through streets in an ancient city, her voice echoing through mysterious landscapes with an ethereal beauty.

The mood of this album is of a woman walking in moonlight with silk softly flowing around her as she walks in a moment of isolation. You can feel her soul walking into an ocean, finding treasure and then rising from the depths of her experience to breathe the intoxicating breathe of a life renewed. This is one of the most stunning albums I've ever found and I keep returning to this beautiful immersion of mystery.

"Waiting by the wayside
Of an endless reverie
Where all the things I run from
Are sure enough to find me"
~Endless Reverie

~The Rebecca Review


Benoit Pioulard Precis


I adore your loneliness..., January 16, 2007

Intense and veiled, the first track builds into a ecstatic release and sudden closure. The mood is one of a dark forest near the ocean. The second song contains a certain dissonance that speaks of an emotional depth that is being unveiled. Static echoes turn to melodious revelations as the album starts to escape, although the vocals still seem to be swirling underneath a sea of haunted solitude.

"Moth Wings" is an inviting mystery. I wish this track was longer because it seems to embody escape elements I enjoy. The nostalgic elements in the next track leads into a spacious epiphany where Thomas Meluch still seems to be experimenting with his moody voice. The lyrics seem to present more of a mood than a story. You can feel the emotions even as you strain to hear the poetry.

Corpus Chant has elements of magic and memories. Coup de Foudre is intense and awakening in a psychedelic haze. Hirondelle melts and merges into a dreamy pop embrace and then shatters into space. Needle and Thread is gorgeous and has elements of kissing in a smoky room. R Coloring pretty much sets this album on fire and then disappears into a liquid reverberation. Patter is a wave of sound washing on your shore and creates a breathless heady feeling as if you are swept away into a moonlit night on a sea of fulfilled dreams.

Thomas Meluch's voice is too beautiful to be covered in a haze of hushed lyrics. I'd love to see him break free and emphasize his voice over the music. Opening the door to the world of these poetic lyrics would reveal a deeper emotional magic. If you enjoy the sound of a voice more that the lyrics then this album will more than likely sweep you into a state of anticipation.

There are some stunningly beautiful acoustic guitar moments that will leave you hungry for more. The melodies are beautiful and the lyrics would be amazing if they were center stage and not so encased in a misty forest dreamscape. Also, I think each track would benefit from a little deeper exploration because just when you have been introduced, you are left with a longing for more.

Listening to this album a second and third time seems essential and as the album reveals more of its intricate details (turning down the volume and listening to this album on regular speakers - instead of expensive headphones - reveals more lyrics), this becomes even more intriguing. Now that we have been completely teased with mystery, I hope the next album shatters expectation and the lyrics take a more prominent position. A fascinating debut album that reveals its subtle nuances to the patient heart.

~The Rebecca Review



Melankton by Kate Havnevik


Mysterious and Exquisite... December 5, 2006

“There are no guarantees in life
Not for the present,
Nor for the future.
All I know is
That I'm here”
~Unlike Me

Norwegian singer and songwriter Kate Havnevik creates euphoric melodies within an exquisite world of electronica with classical appeal. “Not Fair” has darkly poetic lyrics where she shows the full range of her vocal expression. “Travel in Time” contains magical whispery sweet lyrics with hints of longing and ecstasy.

“Serpentine” has a classictronica appeal but what makes Kate Havnevik’s songs ornate is the way she uses her voice. She makes the world seem more sensuous and like Björk, her voice becomes part of the musical landscape in a unique creative soul expression. Within the lyrics there seems to be a death and a rebirth, as if the petals of a black rose have been tossed across a sea of change.

“I go nowhere high
Go nowhere warm
Until you’re by my side
Your hand in mine
And I’ve always known
You’re like a feather
You go where wind and fire melt together”
~Nowhere Warm

“Kaleidoscope” has a similar appeal, but dives even deeper into delicate melancholy that suddenly awakens into more vivid revelation. From here, the album mellows sweetly into a deep relaxing contemplation. “New Day” is an awakening from the sleepy classical mood as electronica again takes the stage. Since Kate Havnevik is working on two more albums I can only imagine the directions she will take within possibility.

If you enjoy Zero 7, Balligomingo, Hooverphonic, Magnet and Imogen Heap, you will want this for your collection.

~The Rebecca Review


The Album Leaf Into the Blue Again


Edgy Ambient Fusion, January 10, 2007

Shimmering ambient meets translucent edge in a creative fusion with artistic appeal. An escape into satisfaction that leaves you filled with anticipation. The warmth is exciting and the casual coolness leaves you in mystery.

"The Light" purrs into life and then washes into liquid solitude in a reverberating perfection that opens up into "Always For You."

"Shine" is rigid and dreamy like ice melting into hot chocolate and wolves running through snow. "Writings on the Wall" is moody and revelatory with solitary violin haunting an emotional landscape with indistinct vocals. This song melts into "Red Eye" as notes echoes through cavernous underground chambers splintering off stalactites and diving into deep luminous pools. Crystalline textures dance with warm ambience echoing out in all directions. Once this haunting track takes hold of you it doesn't let you go and takes you on an edgy ambient fusion.

"See in You" continues the instrumental mood with snappy rhythmic beats that seems to blur out into a mellow soul tuning introspection. More like poetry than music, at times this is a study of tone.

"Into the Sea" is slightly more reticent than the previous selections and this creates an element of tension throughout as the track tries to break free. As if seeking a destiny, the song finally moves from swirling in circles to an exciting flourish. Ancient voices seem to be calling from faraway lands and then they dissipate into a silky wave.

"Wherever I Go" arrives and takes over in a moody orchestration and mellow vocals. The instrumentation is striking and ecstatic with an intriguing ending that makes your head spin.

"Wishful Thinking" is soothing classical piano in delicate notes echoing off concert hall walls and then this solitary intimacy warms to sweet winter lullabies. The violin is especially relaxing and this track seems to embrace a momentum that moves out of the deep cold earth into a sky of crystalline beauty. "Broken Arrow" has hardly ended when you feel you want to begin the experience all over again. Slightly addictive!

"Into the Blue Again" is exciting and ambient with worlds of textures and creativity to absorb. If you enjoy the instrumentation on this album, you will also love Evening Ocean's The Attraction.

~The Rebecca Review



Kate Bush The Kick Inside


Beauty's Potency, January 7, 2007

"When I'm dead, I think I'll come haunt you as the sunset." ~Catherine in Wuthering Heights (1970)

Creatures from the ocean and forest are as comfortable dancing around Kate Bush's voice as the music that seems to spin a magic spell over the listener. As she sings "Oh to be in love, and never get out again..." you can feel her wistful longings.

I tried listening to this on my stereo and then another CD player and couldn't hear the lyrics as well as on my headphones. The clarity of her voice is exquisite on the K240 AKG headphones. They are worth buying to listen to this album.

Every word has a renewed clarity and the lyrics are wildly poetic and the way Kate sings gives me shivers. Her music has a highly creative appeal. This is the type of album you listen to with the lyrics in hand so you can experience every nuance and understand every element of the story. "Wuthering Heights" is especially beautiful:

"Out on the wiley, windy moors
We'd roll and fall in green
You had a temper, like my jealousy
Too hot, too greedy
How could you leave me?
When I needed to possess you
I hated you. I loved you too..."

If you enjoy music by Tori Amos, Sarah Brightman or Bjork, I'm convinced this will impress you. Kate Bush has a breathlessly beautiful voice that can be as smooth as honey or as sharp as ice. The clarity in her voice is stunning and this is not just an album you can listen to casually, this is a soul experience.

~The Rebecca Review



Review of AKG Headphones



Reminiscence by Lunascape


Enchanting Perfection, December 30, 2006

"It just ain't fair
This thing called Loving
When one's still there
And the Other feels nothing
I would have done
Anything for you
I still love you, Baby I do
All day I keep
From falling apart
But at night
When the sky gets dark
Tears from the Moon
Fall down like rain
I reach for you
I reach in vain"

Lunascape invites you into an ambient world of trip hop shimmering with mystery and revelation. Kyoko Baertsoen's sweet vocals have a sultry edge and velvety texture that dances as easily in the darkness as the light.

You can imagine the words of "Carolyn" drifting across an open sea or dream of listening to "Tears from the Moon" on a ship sailing to exotic destination.

"Your Shadow" is exotic and intimate with creative lyrics and slips of sound that seem to layer over each other in a dance of longing and unveiling. Kyoko Baertsoen's vocals are breathlessly beautiful and mingle exquisitely with enchanting lyrics.

Illuminate your soul
Illuminate your soul
Expose the shade
Liquefy your heart
Drown the pain
Fairylight of love
Fades away
The trifle above
Your Shadow
I can never see your
Shadow at night"

This finely crafted album is one that can appeal to fans who love everything from trip hop to ambient escapes. The songs range from darkly sexy to sweetly elegant, but always have a sensuous edge.

If you enjoy Balligomingo and Delerium, this should impress you. I've been beyond impressed and have listened to this album all week, more than once a day!

Highly Collectible! Look for their next album in the spring...

~The Rebecca Review



James Brown: Ballads


You mean the world to me..., December 28, 2006

Of all the James Brown albums I've listened to, this one is my favorite. The mood is consistent and all the songs invite you into a beautiful mood of romantic contemplation. I will admit when I hear "These Foolish Things" I get a little swept away.

James Brown's voice has such a depth of feeling and soul it is at times overwhelmingly beautiful. For someone to feel so deeply is in itself a thing of beauty and then to be able to express your desires and longings with such perfect clarity is stunning. This intimacy in his songs on this album invite you into a world you always felt you belonged to, but couldn't find on your own.

If James Brown's music has been a part of the soundtrack of your life, I think this album is especially meaningful. The selections not only capture the depth of the human emotional experience, the lyrics speak the soul's truth. In "Lost Someone" you can feel this complexity and heartache. James Brown's music is a comfort to the heart and I think this album is an especially beautiful legacy of love.

We already miss you beautiful soul...

~The Rebecca Review



BT This Binary Universe


Spacious Solitude and Interconnection, December 21, 2006

In this masterpiece of electronic modern art, BT invites you into an experience of visual and audio meditation. The mood is one of spacious mesmerizing textures that envelop and warm you from within.

It takes time to appreciate the experimental nature of the selections, but when viewing the DVD and listening to the music, it starts to become a journey where you experience beautiful thunderstorms while floating high above the earth in an almost haunting splendor.

Watching the DVD brought beautiful meanings to the music as a full moon sheds a glistening path of light over waves and doves fly across the moon that opens into a blinking eye. Fantastical creatures and robots float by on ethereal wings. The DVD tells stories in an almost mythical way.

BT takes his time to reach orchestral perfection and studies elements of chaos and harmony with a sense of elegance. The extensive tracks with animated short films make this seem more like an artistic experience.

I love the video of Good Morning Kaia where text floats across the screen as images of BT's adorable daughter creates a celebration of life. What a beautiful message of love, no child could wish for more!

~The Rebecca Review


5:55 Charlotte Gainsbourg

Secret Doors and Delicate Whispers, December 21, 2006

"I feel you all around me
You are everything I cannot see
As the ocean crawls onto the shoreline
So you lap at the edges of me"

Charlotte Gainsbourg's vocals are whispers of silky perfection. With a delicious French sensuality, she merges breathy lyrics by Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon and AIR with music by AIR. It is true to say she could sing anything and sound sexy.

At times the music does overtake her velvety vocals and in "Night-Time Intermission" she almost seems invisible except for giggles and silken nuance. At times the moods of her voice seem more important than the lyrics. The highlight is "Tel Que Tu Es" which is breathtaking.

Wistful and creative poetic lyrics make Charlotte Gainsbourg seem wise beyond her years and at times she reminds me of her mother, Jane Birkin on her Fictions album. Charlotte's shyness in singing, which is very attractive in a delicate way, will in no doubt give way to a full range of vocal ecstasy in future albums.

~The Rebecca Review





Idan Raichel , November 21, 2006

"From the depths I called out to you
Come to me
Upon your return, the light will return to my eyes
I'm not finished, I'm not leaving the touch of your hands
May it come and light up to the sound of your laughter

From the depths I called out to you
Come to me
Against the moon that lights your way back to me
They spread out and melted against the touch of your hands"

~Idan Raichel

Idan Raichel combines ancient traditions with modern technology to create enchanting rhythms that take off in the second track and melt with a warmth that is soothing and harmonious in beauty. At this point you almost fall into the music and let it take your soul on a journey throughout an emotionally satisfying album with lyrics in Hebrew, Arabic and Amharic

The musical influences range from Israel to the Caribbean. "Hinach Yafah" is a little hypnotizing. "Suvi El Beyti" has a surprising start with interesting echoes that add a very intriguing dimension with a powerful undercurrent of percussion. "Im Telech" is filled with longing and "Be Yom Shabbat" has spiritual beauty.

Of all the songs, I feel in love with the sound of "Mi'Ma'amakim." When you look up the poetic lyrics the song has even more beautiful meanings. I can't wait for more albums by Idan Raichel.

~The Rebecca Review



Josh Groban AWAKE


Romantic and Edgy, November 15, 2006

"And I never want to let you down
Forgive me if I slip away
Sometimes it's hard to find the ground
Cause I keep on falling as I try to get away
From this crazy world"
~February Song

There is no denying the beauty of Josh Groban's voice and his song writing reveals a profound reflective side we could feel was there all along. The lyrics on his new album are all deeply romantic and idealistic with sweeping lush textures and enveloping intoxication. It takes about three intense listening experiences for this CD to appear in its full beauty.

This offering is much easier to listen to and many of the songs are in English and this brings an understanding to the romantic nature of the music on a different level.

"She stares through my shadow
She sees something more
Believes there's a light in me
She is sure
And her truth makes me stronger"
~In Her Eyes

Josh Groban still seems to be finding his way to a definitive style and this is like a bridge from one form to another as he finds his way into song writing and tempering his powerful voice to convey his poetry.

"So She Dances" felt much more personal and Josh Groban captivates with heart-felt emotion and vocal ecstasy that melts the listener while you are on a visual journey. It is evocative and filled with longing.

"She moves with the music
The song is her lover
The melody's making her cry
So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance
This romance is
From afar calling me silently"
~So She Dances

"Machine" is a little edgy and exciting and "Now or Never" is sexy but with an element of intuitive understanding and Imogen Heap style. I like the way he says "now or never." "You are Loved" is breathlessly beautiful although the song takes off in unexpected places.

Josh Groban's voice seems to transcend any musical style and his beauty refuses to be tied down or captured. His voice is the music and I'm looking forward to more of his original lyrics on future albums. Like anything worth waiting for, Josh Groban's music appears more beautiful each time you play this CD. From the revelations in "February Song," it seems Josh is well on his way to finding his own style.

~The Rebecca Review


Kate Melua Piece by Piece


Exquisite with Romantic Appeal, November 14, 2006

"If you only knew
you could make your dreams come true"

Eternal love, haunting flute, guitar, piano, sweet sexy lyrics and everything you could wish for in a romantic dream of a collection of songs. Katie Melua's crystalline voice is like the comfort of cold milk from a cold glass after taking a bite of a rich chocolate brownie. Her voice is smooth, dreamy and satisfying.

Nine Million Bicycles has modern and nostalgic notes woven into a sweet fantasy of a song. When she isn't dreaming about enticing shy boys, she is poetic in her social commentary and delves into provocative concepts we face daily, but often fail to address.

I love the hopeless romantic concepts in "Piece by Piece," which is so true about trying to forget someone you love. Katie Melua isn't shy about getting downright sexy in some songs and her honesty is intriguing.

Most of the songs seem to embody a sweet country/folk mood with modern appeal. At times she seems to transcend the limitations of descriptions like adult alternative. She ranges from classical to country (On the Road Again) to jazz (Blue Shoes). She seems as comfortable alone with a guitar (Thank You, Stars) or on a stage with an orchestra. At times you can imagine she has walked out of an old movie and is singing a romantic ballad captured in a moment in time. "I Cried for You" has elements of ecstasy in a story of sadness.

"You're the one I love most of all..."

~The Rebecca Review




The Last Kiss


Musical High, September 30, 2006

Written without seeing movie...

Zach Braff weaves a world of extraordinary perfection in his selections for The Last Kiss. The album breaks into your consciousness with Snow Patrol's honest addiction revealed in "Chocolate." Joshua Radin's Star Mile perfectly balances the initial energy with "Pain Killer" as the album takes off again. Coldplay is a familiar comfort and presents a slow sweep of dream pop that leaves us ready to sink into a musical high with "Ride."

The Cary Brothers are an excellent choice to follow Coldplay. By this time I was more than impressed with Zach's intuitive nature for blending moods and following an emotive transition from song to song. You are led through a world of exquisite emotions and musical highs that gives a distinctive quality to Zach's albums.

It is always exciting to find Imogen Heap on a compilation album or any movie soundtrack and here she sings, melting into electronic textures as if there is no separation between her voice and the music. Rachel Yamagata's confessional style continues the revelations throughout the album. Ray Lamontagne really stole my heart in one song. "Prophecy" is a more edgy selection with darker contemplations and sexy rhythms.

Fiona Apple's sweet playful voice breaks the darker mood and almost brings a sense of frivolity and submission to reality. "Today's the Day" continues the mood of letting life take its own turns, following fate's wishes. "Chocolate Milk" almost has a carnival mood with a realistic awakening, like the artist is playing with fantasy in a lush ornate world of warm textures.

The Last Kiss soundtrack has a mature introspective flavor that is still exciting and ambitious all while delving deeply into the heart of life's conflicts and complexity. Truly this album does leave you with the feeling you experience after a long slow kiss. Buy this for the musical high!

~The Rebecca Review



Soundtrack for a Film by M. Night Shyamalan

Lady in the Water Soundtrack Review


Otherworldly Mystery and Suspense, July 26, 2006

Reviewed before seeing the Lady in the Water movie...

James Newton Howard creates rich textures that ebb and flow through mysterious ghostly sways that come alive in sheer orchestral magnificence. Suspense runs rampant throughout peeking out, hiding and then jumping at you in terrified grandeur (Charades).

You are constantly on your edge in a somewhat anticipatory elation only awaiting the next release into swelling waves of sound that happily drown you and then seem to evaporate into a magical and heart-captivating stillness (The Party).

Delicate perfection turns haunting (Charades). Unexpected chaos flourishes and then turns sublime. Ripples in the Pool is magical and playful at the start but retains a sadness in weeping piano that gives you shivers.

The Blue World has undercurrents that rise to the top, splashing and running from a dark background of subtle energies that turn deliciously ominous. Giving the Kii has a lullaby quality that is supremely peaceful and innocent until you hear the approaching ghosts swirling through your speakers.

Walkie Talkie retains this energy and moves forward with a certain persistence of desire. Cereal Boxes makes you strangely breathless. If you have so far managed not to chew your nails off, The Great Eatlon shows no mercy. Like a victory with great sorrow the splashes of sound drown you in emotion. Finally you can take a deep breath and there is a release of tension. Chaos and perfection mingle in a fantastic display of musical creativity as the pinnacle of the music peaks and entrances completely.

End Titles is a sweet flowing sigh of sound, sweeping you into a dreamy romantic mood. It is magnificent in idealistic opulence. You imagine all your wishes have come true.

~The Rebecca Review



HEM No Word From Tom


A Lullaby for the Soul, March 6, 2006

No Word from Tom is a country and folk infused compilation slowly swaying in a hammock of peaceful contemplation. If you are looking for a peaceful escape with a soothing voice and breezy lyrics, then this will be a dreamy retreat from the stress of life.

When you hit Eveningland, you may imagine your CD player has changed CDs and is now playing a dreamy soundtrack to a romantic movie. The music then returns to Sally Ellyson's dreamy voice mingling with magical lilting phrases.

If you enjoy Dar Williams, Catie Curtis, Sheryl Crow, KT Tunstall, Jane Siberry or Jewel this might appeal to you.

~The Rebecca Review


Goodbye Alice in Wonderland


"You're Always On My Mind" ~Jewel, May 27, 2006

Jewel's comforting voice has mellowed into a delicate sexy smooth dream filled with slow sleepy memories and at times powerful lyrics. Like an album of the past and future Jewel, she delves intermittently into intricate styles held within the same heart. "Can you drink me like water," is Jewel's magic on display and as she releases the full range of her voice, Last Dance Rodeo and Where You Are have touches of delicate intimacy I love.

Her lyrics are still poetic and "Life without you is just passing time," and "Everywhere you are feels like home," brings a sense of longing and nurturing to her new album. She still seems to be looking into the mirror of a life she longs for, but in places she becomes realistic about the contrast between reality and fantasy.

Again and Again is the catchy song drawing you into this album, but looking deeper into the lyrics and evolution of this artist through the years, you will still find her heart melting with poetry in moments of exquisite beauty. Complete with a giggly interview, Jewel presents memories from her diaries and moments of surprise. I love Jewel's music, but her poetry is also pretty profound in "A Night without Armor."

~The Rebecca Review




Andrea Bocelli Amore

Te Extrano, April 21, 2006
From the first song you know this album will be spectacular in all encompassing heart seduction known for leaving you in a deep sigh of happy romantic contemplation. This is somewhere beyond expectation and closer to a dreamy state of feeling "in love" with everything, with no boundaries.

My heart sinks and rises with his voice...pure magic. It is not often a voice has such an intoxicating effect. Has Andrea Bocelli`s voice ever sounded so exquisite? I will only admit to having trouble thinking straight while listening to this album.

Amore is like a fresh breeze washing through your soul. Completely stunning in beauty and magical emotions! Pero Te Extrano could make any true romantic feel almost desperate with longing. You almost don't need the song translations to know what he is singing about. Las Hojas Muertas is almost ecstatic in a duality of souls where male and female energies merge.

Amore is a classic and memorable album expressing the heights of romantic feelings with stunning elements of hope intertwined with longing.

To hear this album in a bliss of sound clarity, look for the AKG Acoustics Headphones. K240 brings out the acoustic magic, even an expensive stereo might miss.

~The Rebecca Review


On an Island

Dreamy Atmospheric Escape, April 21, 2006

"Still, marooned
Silence drifting through
Nowhere to choose
Just blue..."
~The Blue

Sweeps of sound lead you deeper into an oceanic escape of atmospheric pleasure. While blissful for Pink Floyd fans even the signature sounds are fresh and take off in new directions.

Romantic notions of outdoor escapes and the mellow comforting moods make this an album well worth waiting for and it is David Gilmour's voice that makes you want to dive into this album time and time again. Images of diving into passionate experiences make this sexy in Take a Breath and yet it has a very spiritual dimension.

While the lyrics are entertaining in content, it is how David Gilmour plays with the music and merges his voice into the notes with his signature pacing that captures my full attention. This Heaven is a vibrant selection with a spiritual sexy dimension:

"I've felt the power in a holy place
Wished for comfort when in need
Now I'm here in a state of grace
This earthly heaven is enough for me"

Images of the ocean and moon make this album especially romantic and calming. Red Sky at Night is instrumental and haunting with delicate waves in the distance and echoes of haunted ships and ghostly imaginings. Then I Close My Eyes is breathtaking and also has nature sounds at the start. At first it sounds like it has been recorded outside at a beach and then the music changes directions entirely as an atmospheric guitar bliss appears and completely hypnotizes the listener. A Pocketful of Stones has a soul purity enhanced by piano.

Does it really matter what David Gilmour is singing? His voice is pure emotional bliss. Drown me in his voice anytime...

~The Rebecca Review


Secrets of the Beehive

Learning to cope with feelings aroused in me
My hands in the soil, buried inside myself
My love wears forbidden colours
My life believes in you once again
~Forbidden Colours

David Sylvian's voice has the ability to lull you into a state of tranquility. Like waves on a shore of sound, he pulls you into a crystalline world of perfectly placed notes and contemplations. Each song is perfection in itself and yet the mood melts the songs together to form a unified frame of mind to give you a relaxing buzz that often turns haunting and delicate in intimacy.

When Poets Dreamed of Angels keeps with the flow of the mood, but has a more powerful emotive quality. The rhythmic qualities of this one song alone is worth the price of the album. Mother and Child also contains moments of spectacular beauty.

Sunlight falls, my wings open wide
There's a beauty here I cannot deny
And bottles that tumble and crash on the stairs
Are just so many people I knew never cared
Down below on the wreck on the ship
Are a stronghold of pleasures I couldn't regret
But the baggage is swallowed up by the tide

The lyrics on this album show a depth beyond casual contemplations about life and love. They merge with myth and mystery and are rich in metaphors and magic.

~The Rebecca Review


KT Tunstall Eye to the Telescope

Melting and Poetic, February 18, 2006

"Over the sea and far away
She's waiting like an iceberg
Waiting to change
But she's cold inside
She wants to be like the water"

The beauty in KT Tunstall's voice gives me shivers in the first song. She weaves in mysterious metaphors that are enjoyable to unravel.

The world she paints make sense in regards to emotions hidden and experiences well lived. With telescopic precision, she unveils the heart of emotional conflicts.

"The fire fades away
Most of everyday
Is full of tired excuses
But it's to hard to say
I wish it were simple
But we give up easily
You're close enough to see that
You're the other side of the world to me"

The lyrics speak for themselves and KT's voice is a vehicle for perfection. The songs are playful, relaxing and you may wish you were in a coffee shop listening to the first two tracks. Then, "Black Horse" takes off with dangerous appeal. Coffee shop casual turns country and then she delves into sultry moods. The delicate "Silent Sea" is haunting in beauty.

With dramatic pacing changes and a variety of familiar musical comforts, the album shines in places and wanders in melancholy momentarily between energetic creativity. Other Side of the World and Silent Sea stand out as unique treasures with poetic appeal and seem to reflect KT's heart and bring out the rapturous elements in her voice.

~The Rebecca Review




Frou Frou Imogen Heap


5 out of 5 stars Painting Passion in Breathy Whispers, October 11, 2005

"And I'm high enough from all the waiting
To ride a wave on your inhaling
And I'm high enough from all the waiting
To ride a wave on your inhaling
'Cause I love you no?
Can't help but love, you know..."

Imogen Heap seems to be drawing on ancient rhythms that echo in the background of some of her songs like ghosts traversing landscapes filled with sweeping deserts or fields of flowers. Then she seems to jump to a completely different mood all in one song. The infusion of classic, tribal and modern rhythms can all occur in one song, which makes for a fascinating listening experience.

I hear deep earth sounds as the base for Heap's voice to jump off into the etherealscapes she creates with her breathy whispers of lyrics. In fact it is difficult to hear the words unless you are wearing headphones and the lyrics are more meaningful when you can initially capture them.

As she sings about "beauty in the breakdown" anyone living through a time in their life when they thought they were not going to make it will understand the beauty in the recovery and rebirth of the self. Imogen accesses beautiful words and places them in perfect order so as to bring together the most effective meanings. The meanings are deep and express a desire to be in love and yet to enjoy the tragedy as much as the pleasure because how could you enjoy the high if you didn't ever feel the powerlessness of the low?

Heap's highs can make you breathless and fortunately she gives you a chance to recover when she dips from her sky-high voice adventures. I love the variations in her voice and how she embraces contrast like when she sings:

"Music is worthless unless it can make a
Complete stranger break down and cry..."

"Shh" is intense in its variations as her voice weaves in and out of a maze of sounds. This music is very visual to me and seems filled with poetic meaning and expression. It is really musical art during some sections and then Imogen can get playful and a track can sound like a lullaby. Breathe this in for a few hours and you will be high on beauty.

Only for you today...

"I'm adoring you..."

~The Rebecca Review


>Paris Combo Attraction


Luxurious and Melting, March 15, 2006

Listening to Paris Combo jolts you out of daily existence into a world that lacks mediocrity and is infused with playful spontaneity. Vocalist Belle Du Berry's voice is sensual, fresh and smooth as vanilla syrup over strawberries. She captures the French "joie de vivre" and takes it to entirely new levels of joy that almost feel angelic.

Paris Combo is French, but has an international flair. At times jazzy and infused with Latin sensuality, it has an additional element of gypsy mystery. The sounds of the words melt into the music and it is sumptuous.

~The Rebecca Review



Imogen Heap


5 out of 5 stars spin me round again..., November 14, 2005

The more I listen to Imogen Heap's creations the more her music seems to be infused with an especially high level of creative exploration.

Love's many expressions appear in intensity and velvety softness. Imogen's voice expresses all emotions while dancing in a swirling of voluptuous perfection. The sounds are rich and real and at times unbelievably inspired.

It is impossible to ignore her angst and passionate strength as they mingle in The Walk in a series of expressive whispers, alluring embraces and silky soaring sweeps. The music expands and contracts in layers of ingenious expression. We can feel the internal forces speaking for themselves in layers of strength fighting with the strongest pull of passion.

The highlight of this album is Imogen Heap's voice that transcends reality for moments at a time in ecstatic moments where you struggle to remain conscious, pulled under by the beauty. The Moment I Said It is breathtaking in its echoed layering. "It's not even light out..." is enough to do you in and if you manage to remain in the moment, she pulls you in and out of a haunting "I'm losing you..."


If you close your eyes you will feel like you are floating in a heady intoxication of soul pleasure. Goodnight and Go has so many moments it is impossible to keep track of all the playful spontaneity. Have You Got It In You? is magical and mysterious all while being especially vibrant in places. I am in Love with You alternates between moods and is deeply sexy in style and content.

Love's certainty and unpredictability make their appearance throughout the lyrics, surrounded by strong song writing and breathless beauty. Imogen lived a little on the edge while producing this album and it shows in her vibrant edge and innovative style.




Barbra Steisand Guilty Pleasures


5 out of 5 stars We Can Change the World if We Try, October 11, 2005

"And you and I can change the world if we just try
This lonely heart of mine has found a mission for your light
To make the sense of it
And solve the mystery
It's just a love you forever leave with someone"

Guilty Pleasures is a deep sigh of poetic beauty with no rush to travel beyond the borders of each song. Barbra's voice swims in an eternal echo of timeless beauty that captures, caresses and carries the listener to comforting nostalgic moments in time.

The lyrics divulge all the desires of a woman in love with an ecstatic honesty that is undeniably sensuous and desirable. She draws on the deeply romantic and awakens the inner dance of desire and fulfillment.

The songs alternate between strength and subtle sensitivity. Delicate beauty mingles with passion and nothing goes unsaid as she paints metaphors from memory and delves into the heart of what it means to be a woman in love.

Every song is an escape into Barbra Streisand's timeless perfection. Sexy, melting, exotic, romantic, sensual, she captures it all in a memorable collection of inspired romantic dreams.

"You alone are the living thing that keeps me alive
And tomorrow (tomorrow)
If I'm here without your love
You know I can't survive
Only my love can raise you high above it all"

To the beauty you are...

~The Rebecca Review


Dierdre One


Firefly, February 13, 2006

"Ten thousand miles couldn't keep you
For you were more like the wind
All my life I will seek you
Deep in the core of my within"
~One of Your Smiles

After a somewhat striking and captivating start, melodious waves of sound dance around Dierdre's presence as if echoing off clouds in an expansive sky. Waiting for Spring invites you into an otherworldly experience far removed from casual pop, but not foreign to lovers of electronic playfulness. Catchy beats swirl in whirlpools of Dierdre's voice, mingling in exciting rhythms of poetic expression.

You can become lost in the intensity of her voice as it seems to pull you under in Night in White Satin. If you could take a breath and then sink to the floor of a warm ocean, this is the mood and the space. Drawing on a variety of cultures for inspiration, she weaves a multicultural dance of sounds that range from primal and exciting to comforting and subtle in beauty. I've rarely heard music this unique.

Dierdre's voice captures you in a sensual net of sound and sends your soul spinning to exotic soundscapes, sensuous revelations in English and French and lyrical release in unique vocalizations of free expression to suit each song's mood.

At times hypnotic, I feel myself lost in sound, pulling away from reality into the ecstasy of distinctive expression. As the music concludes, you can finally take a deep sigh and relax into the sweet beauty of One of Your Smiles.

~The Rebecca Review



Jem Finally Woken


4 out of 5 stars This love is what living's for..., October 7, 2005

"Stay now, stay now
just a little more
Coz this love, this love
is what living's for
Stay now, stay now
just a little more
Coz this love, this love
is what living's for"

Jem's angelic voice does at times seem like a sharp contrast to the heavy beats and stereo buzzing sounds. The rhythm of the songs can at times be wickedly enticing, causing you to almost become mesmerized with silky words drowning in deep echoes. The light moments in "Finally Woken" show an innate creativity you start to look forward to amidst the circular beats. She has a gorgeous voice that is at times muffled by a heavy infusion of deep base in "Save Me."

I'd love to see her take on a wider variety of musical styles at the start of an album because you are really swamped by the time you get to "Missing You." "Missing You" finally births her voice in delicate musings and romantic notions. Her voice comes through in whispers and it is a much lighter track. The Playful "Wish I" seems more compatible with her voice.

Towards the end of the CD you start to feel you are reaching the heart of Jem's voice and romantic lyrics. The whispery "Stay Now" is like a dreamy angle chorus in comparison to "They" and at times the contrast between the songs at the start and the ones at the end feels like a deliberate attempt to get your attention and then sing you softly to sleep. This may explain the album cover. ;)

An Angelic and Exciting variety of Jem's music with dreamy romantic highlights at the end. "Flying High" takes you into dreams with imaginative lyrics and sweet guitar melodies. The melody merges with the perfection of Jem's voice and leaves you with memorable highs and a desire to repeat the entire experience again.

~The Rebecca Review


My Better Self

Playful and Evocative with a Stunning cover of Comfortably Numb, October 3, 2005

"There is no pain, you are receding.
A distant ship's smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're sayin'."

Dar Williams creates her songs with memorable and insightful lyrics that evoke hauntingly familiar emotions and places. I adore the way she relaxes into each mood as her voice embraces a comforting mystery.

The highlight of this album is her cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. The song seems to ripple out in all directions as Dar's voice mingles in musical ecstasy with each note. She was born to sing a cover of this song!

So Close to My Heart embodies a delicate intimacy and You Rise and Meet the Day weaves stories and when she sings "I love you all the time" or just about any line in this song it gives me shivers.

~The Rebecca Review


Goodbye by Ulrich Schnauss


Decadent Ambient Perfection  July 10, 2007

Delicate and sublime with a stirring of ecstasy dancing over a driving powerful intoxication is what you will find if you listen to Goodbye first. It is the perfect place to start this journey into soul shivering musical escape. The song surges and sways bursting from the limits of sound into an unbelievably ecstatic moment in time. This goes beyond inspiration to new levels of creativity where modern technology and ancient longings collide. At times it is crystalline perfections and at others the warm sounds completely surround you enveloping you in a dreamy haze.

If you listen to the album from start to finish you will first encounter silky washes of sound with ethereal vocals. “Stars” is almost chilling with dramatic elements that seem to seek to overwhelm with psychedelic swirls and epic sonic power. Vocals cascade over driving beats like a waterfall and then a plane suddenly lands. The dreamy “Einfeld” has a renewed clarity but still retains the warm washes of sound ebbing and flowing from the first tracks. “In Between the Years” is like a snowstorm and a warm fire with distant echoes of haunting chill. It invites you closer and then sends you spinning off into starscapes.

“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” wakes up this album with a spontaneous fusion of lush layering and nostalgia. You can sink deeply into the memories of this track and yet it has the excitement of new discovery. This song and the mesmerizing “Goodbye” both give me shivers. “A Song about Hope” is much more mellow and has a captivating rhythm that keeps your full attention as the song soars in luminous orchestral beauty. “Medusa” is much darker introspective piece with static urban elements and echoes. “For Good” has the sounds of lonely acoustic guitar and distant brooding longing.

As a relaxing chill out album this offers a sinking into the feeling of escape while it plays with the ideas of fragility and power. Warm washes of sound mingle with ethereal vocals throughout and capture many moods and places that are exciting and serene all at once.

~The Rebecca Review 





Passion Peter Gabriel


=    Soul Awakening Sounds

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review.com from a land saturated in sounds

To listen to Peter Gabriel’s Passion CDs is to be drenched in soul awakening sounds. This 21-track CD contains music that swirls, lunges at you, jumps, dances around you and vibrates in your blood. Once you start listening, you cannot escape.

“The Feeling Begins” has a depth of sound that can be intimidating until the call of the desert slowly draws you into a musical trance. It is at times so overwhelmingly powerful, it feels like a war cry or a march of death. Then, all too soon, it is over.

The entire album seems to move forward like a march towards the inevitable. I see a lone figure standing high on a sand dune, his robes flowing out behind him in the warm evening air reaching his hands towards heaven as the entire world spins around him so unaware that he is their only hope.

To say this is spiritual could be an understatement. It is more than spiritual. The music seems to not only inspire beauty, it is a hypnotic musical journey to exotic lush places where your heart opens up into a sense of wonder and primal appreciation for life.

To me, this entire album is a reminder of the unfulfilled longings of the soul. Within this ambient global dance, I hear the haunting cry of mankind in his search for God. I hear the love of God and I hear the sorrow and intense suffering and conflict Jesus felt as he realized the unavoidability of his fate. “It is Accomplished” is a beautiful expression of hope and victory over death.

“Of These, Hope” is worth the price of this album and I can listen to it ten times in a row. “Sandstrom” is so otherworldly and haunting it is difficult to describe. All I see are lights slowly moving from the earth out into the sky like souls journeying into timelessness. “With this Love” is angelic and comforting. “Wall of Breath” seems to take my breath away as if my soul wants to leave my body to dance with the pureness of the sounds in eternity. “Disturbed” seems rather peaceful to me in contrast with “The Feeling Begins.”

If you love World Music of Fusion, you will be intrigued by musicians from Pakistan, Turkey, India, Egypt, Bahrain, New Guinea, Morocco, Ghana, Senegal and the Ivory Coast.

These ancient sounds and soul awakenings are greatly enhanced if you can find a candle or essential oil combination containing: Thyme, Cananga, Lemon, Chamomile, Patchouli, Lavender and Geranium. At times I find that I appreciate music more when I have a more complete experience on the sensory level.

“Moroccan Heat Floral Spice” by Global Notes is just intoxicating. A Patchouli candle is also an excellent option. Light a candle, put on your headphones and allow yourself complete immersion into this world of sound. The beauty of this album is you can listen to it at night and actually fall asleep because the music lessens in intensity as the music progresses. “Bread and Wine” will slowly seduce you into sleep. You could also play this music during a healing and spiritual massage.

“Passion” will take your breath away and if you fall in love with this CD, you might also consider “1 Giant Leap.”

Dedicated to a friend who knew exactly what I needed to listen to and sent me this CD! To me, track 15 is the level on which their soul vibrates. I dream of reaching that level of peace and openness and having that much passion for life and healing even when life offers so much pain.



UP by Peter Gabriel

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Soundtrack


Most Ominous and Delightful Really, October 13, 2005

Human beings have this wonderful opportunity because of suffering. Instead of constantly resisting dissatisfaction, trying to sweep it under the carpet or lament and grieve about it and be pained by it, we should be grateful for it. It's our very best teacher.
~Ayya Khema

The soundtrack has elements of the wicked sense of humor the darker elements in the plot, like suddenly in the first track; the playful music stops with the scratch of a record and turns more ominous.

At times the music has lullaby qualities or the mood of a child's room with a music box playing in the background. The sense of peace and quiet presents moments of great beauty, but there is always the ominous element lurking beneath the notes waiting to create those nagging feelings of doubt.

The Reptile Room track is beautiful and exotic, while the unpleasant incident track sounds like a track from a horror movie or someone is running from danger. You may start to see the movie running through your mind at various points even if you have only seen it once. The sheer cacophony in some pieces takes angst to entire new levels.

It is all quite wonderful and if you enjoyed the movie you might enjoy the soundtrack on its own even more.



Vivian Green


Who made the rules..., October 13, 2005

"I like the way you move
I like the way you talk
You have such a sweet way
I like to spend my days
With you always the same
Such sweet consistency
But it's cool don't mess with it
Leave it this the way it is"

In "A Love Story," Vivian Green provided a more playful and varied selection of musical styles. In "Vivian" she pulls the love story together with a theme of desire for true love. This album will appeal to anyone who loves sexy, romantic lyrics with a constant mood throughout the selections.

Her clear, expressive voice reaches ecstatic heights and then can dip into sexy lows and whispers. She can take the word "me" and turn it into musical ecstasy.

I Like it (But I Don't Need It) is one of the sexiest songs on this album and it explores ambition without being tied down. Perfect Decision gives the listener a lot to think about, if you can think while she is singing the sensual lyrics in her whispering tones. I like the angst in her voice during this song and the way she explores the possibilities.

Vivian Green sings about love, vulnerability, strength and loss, determination and explores the many facets of change.



Natalie Imbruglia White Lilies Island


It's supposed to be like this...absolutely perfect, July 26, 2006

"I cannot catch my breath
so throw the beauty on the fire
don't push too much..."

If you are having "one of those days" and something happens that you can't control, the first song on this album is amusing and healing. "I'm right and I'm wrong and it's beautiful." There is such an acceptance of the natural flow of life and woven with angelic appeal all while living on the edge.

The entire has that listen to this on a lazy summer afternoon feel. Casual textures and dreamy vocals within a somewhat occasional chaotic (That Day/Sunlight) yet melodic (Do You Love?/Goodbye) musical landscape give this artistic appeal.

~The Rebecca Review


My Long Distance


Pulled Under into Dreamy Waves of Sound, August 8, 2006

Undertow draws you subtly into listening to this entire album. Dominique Durand's voice was a stunning surprise and the lyrics are delicately introspective. This is one of those albums you look for and when you find it, you can't believe you didn't find it sooner. With appealing melodies and electronic flourishes, this is relaxing but contemplative.

Edge of the Ocean has that "Coldplay" feel that sinks you into sound. By the time you hit "While Were in Love" the album has become weighted down a bit and there is an underwater feeling with deep bubbles of sound rising to the top of the water as the pace seems to increase and the mood lightens. Lucy Doesn't Love You is light and breezy with the mood of moving onto new dreams.

"Worry About You" is ecstatic in wistful beauty with a lullaby quality. The alternating depths and breezy moods makes this very interesting in an analytical way. "Let's Stay Inside" has an otherworldly echoing quality at the start and the melts into tropical reverberations and romantic notions.

"I Think of You" feels intimate and will appeal to electronica fans who like a heavier mood with light lyrics. It really takes off into musical perfection in places.

It is rare to find an album you want to listen to from beginning to end and this might just be one of them!

~The Rebecca Review


Mindi Abair Life Less Ordinary


Sexy Sax and Original Lyrics, August 7, 2006

Smooth sexy jazz is what Mindi Abair presents on this sultry album with romantic appeal. In "It Must Be Love," her sweet voice embodies a certain purity, possibly retained from a more introspective outlook on life. "The Joint" changes venues pretty quickly as the music gets downright soulful and sensual.

"Rain" is an especially beautiful instrumental track with bittersweet moments and hope intertwined in a creative exploration of the feelings of loss and new discoveries. I love the heart in her playing and this is an exquisite selection with depths of emotions that make you contemplate the meaning.

"Slinky" is another original song with unique vibes and heavy beats. This entire album is really a journey into creativity. Ordinary Love feels like a tropical escape and Mindi Abair's voice mirrors her poetess heart. Bloom has pop appeal all while retaining jazzy roots. This is where the album really takes off into a fusion of powerful sax and soothing cascades of soul comforting sounds. Far Away is a beautiful mingling of piano and sax with breathy vocal whispers that cools down this sexy album.

If you like your Jazz a little on the smooth and sexy side,
this holds a warm appeal.

~The Rebecca Review

Feist Open Season


Baroque Pop , August 7, 2006

"The evening was long
My guesses were true
You saw me see you
That something you said
The timing was right"

Playful in beauty, Feist's Open Season is a mingling of richly orchestrated sounds and remixes. One Evening (solo piano) is striking in its ornate textures even in the straightforward solo version. The Remix later in the album is hardly recognizable and the mood more sultry.

Inside and Out has dreamy lyrics, but is edgy in acoustic musical exploration. Snow Lion reminds me of Magnet's laid-back albums and the beauty melts into a subtle discordance on a moonlit landscape. The Mushaboom Mocky remix seems the best of the versions on this album, but I still prefer the original song from the Let it Die album recorded in Paris.

"You treat me like a vision in the night
Someone there to stand behind you
When your world ain't working right
I ain't no vision, I am the girl
who loves you inside and out"

A better introduction to Leslie Feist would be the Let it Die album, but this one might make you curious and interested enough to listen to all her music.

~The Rebecca Review


Hooverphonic The Magnificent Tree


Mad about you..., August 5, 2006

Initially, I was not sure quite what to make of The Magnificent Tree. They begin in a Kraftwerk mood and then swirl in ethereal ambiance until the song simply disappears into emotion. I like the contrast of the initially cold electronica with the warmth in the ending atmosphere.

Mad about You begins on a more classic note and it quickly becomes apparent that the appeal of these songs are infused with Geike Arnaert's vocal magic. Her voice is soft and sexy like satin sheets slipping across velvet. She brings a sense of emotional reality to the rocktronica selections making this a perfect marriage of edgy electronica and romantic pop.

The Magnificent Tree inspires an increase in volume. The louder you play this the deeper the sounds appear, although the lyrics are somewhat mysterious. Vinegar and Salt has exactly that emotion although it is peppered with contrasts.

Frosted Flake Woods takes you out into nature where a magical forest sets the backdrop for a playful fairy tale mood that borders on eccentric.

Everytime we Live feels more like what I thought Hooverphonic would sound like because the sound sort of feels like it is being captured in a void or sucked out into space. They play with the lyrics in a labyrinth of pulsating sounds.

Out of Space has a slower mood and then Pink Fluffy Dinosours gets playful again like a child's lullaby. L'Odeur Animale has otherworldly appeal with ethereal sweeps and moody lyrics.

Poetic in places, an enjoyable escape. This album seems to be driving in the right lane. If you like Balligomingo, you will love this album. Mad about you sort of stole my heart on this album.

"Into never seen passion, never seen passion
That it why I am so mad about you
Mad about you"

~The Rebecca Review


Regina Belle Lazy Afternoon


Soul Soothing Comfort, September 7, 2006

From the first moment you hear Regina Belle's silky voice you can fall in love with the soul soothing comfort, the space she creates within beauty. Her honesty purrs through lush textures of romantic musical sways and jazz standards. At times dreamy, at times deeply soulful, she presents music for the heart. Lazy Afternoon is almost too beautiful to review, it must be experienced!

~The Rebecca Review


Grey's Anatomy


Purring to Playful, December 16, 2006

The warm purring sounds of The Postal Service are an intriguing doorway to an album you know you are going to love from the minute you hear "Such Great Heights." Tegan and Sara continue the honesty within an emotional complexity filled with longing. Mike Doughty has a creative song title and his music takes you along for the ride. "Wait" is soothing and "Could be Anything" has edgy creative appeal. The Ditty Bops bring a bright breezy beach day mood to the end of this album and all their songs are especially refreshing, warm and comfy. "Fools in Love' mellows this album out nicely with the beauty of Inara George's voice taking center stage. Psapp finishes off this more innocent album with a playful toy chest of sound that makes you slip into a stillness of memories. Overall, this album seems to be lighter than the deeper dark sensuality of the Grey's Anatomy Vol. 2 album. I like both, but I think Vol 2. takes me to more places I want to be.

~The Rebecca Review


Grey's Anatomy Volume Two


I Me You I'm Your, December 16, 2006

Snow Patrol and The Fray play on the radio station constantly, but like most who want to reach a little deeper into the musical world, some songs are best when considered within a musical mood. The Grey's Anatomy 2 provides such an intimate escape.

How to Save a Life has a deeper intimacy and Chasing Cars is perfect as the final track. Somehow, these two songs sound better on the CD than on the radio. It is the context and the story within which the songs appear that enhances the experience.

Jim Noir's "I Me You I'm Your" is playful, but retains a certain mystery within a kissing on a shaggy carpet mood. Kaboom expands the playfulness and takes off into a funky freedom. KT Tunstall and Kate Havnevik add beautiful emotional dimensions and KT has a new exquisite clarity in her voice in "Universe & U." The lyrics show her profound insight into the invisible:

"We are just the same
I can feel everything you do
Hear everything you say
Even when you're miles away
Coz I am me, the universe and you"

The warmth continues with Gomez and a dangerous edgy tension that breaks into a dark sensuality. Most of the music on this CD has exciting dimensions in sensuality and intimacy with meaningful lyrics.

"There are bonds that set us free
For all to be who they want to be
Heads held high for all to see
You and me baby bound by love"

"Bound by Love" is acoustically beautiful and makes me feel a musical high. "I Hate Love" is lighter and more comical/realistic/silly than the more dreamy sensual side of life and is the song that seems most like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the selections because it breaks some of the mood created by the rest of the songs that seem to flow in a unity of perception.

~The Rebecca Review








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