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Relax: Meditations for Flute & Cello


5 out of 5 stars=    Journey to Tranquility

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

If you are going through a time of stress or you are just looking for a complete escape into tranquility and inner peace, this CD will dissolve away your stress and heal your spirit.

I first listened to these original melodies while reading and then while falling asleep. The flute and cello take you away from the ordinary and leave you in a state of complete calm.

What I noticed is that my two cats also came up on the bed while I was reading and fell fast asleep. They are not always known for sleeping together on the same bed, but with this music they both fell into a blissful sleep and didn’t wake up for hours. I have never seen them so calm. So, this CD might also calm your pets during times of stress.

The soothing notes are really a lullaby for your soul and would also be perfect for helping your children fall asleep faster and have sweet dreams.

Enhance your experience with candles, a cup of herbal tea and a quiet comfy place like bed or your favorite chair. You could also play “Relax: Meditations for Flute and Cello” while giving or receiving a comforting massage.


Relax: Meditations for Piano

Relax: Meditations for Piano


5 out of 5 stars =    Soothing Solo Piano

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

If there was a way to dive to the deepest part of the ocean and sink into deep peace this would be the music you would hear while floating in tranquility. I’ve also imagined myself floating out in the middle of the ocean looking up at the night sky while immersing myself in sound.

The music on this album is completely original and has a rhythm all of its own. It is as if Donald Walters has conjured up a relaxation spell. This is not only a massage for the mind, it is an escape in sound. Donald Walters has composed over 400 pieces of music and these melodies are especially lyrical and uplifting. David Miller is also a renowned arranger and orchestrator.

Each note seems to bring a new clarity and peace. Slowly you escape from your “hyper-speed” life into a place of compete calm. Suddenly nothing really seems that important, you stop worrying and you can finally let go of all that stress. You start breathing more deeply and if you play this at night it will help you fall into a state of complete relaxation and then eventually deep sleep.

I have found this particular album to be especially emotionally healing. I feel cradled in sound as I drift off to sleep. You may also want to use this music while giving or receiving a massage, while reading or when you want to create your own home spa.

You will also be inspired to play “Relax: Meditations for Piano” after work or when you just need a break from stress.

Music to quiet the mind. This CD will allow you to set sail for your own tranquil island of peace.

Sitar & Tabla for Vitality

Himalayan Sunrise: Sitar & Tabla...


5 out of 5 stars =    Ancient Concepts for Contemporary Calm

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

Himalayan Sunrise is one of the albums in a series based on the Indian musical system. Many believe “raga” to be an aesthetic projection of an artists inner spirit.

The Hindu/Urdu word “rag” is derived from the Sanskrit word: “raga.” This means color or passion. When you think of raga, think of an acoustic method of “coloring the mind of the listener with emotion.”

Raga is technically one of the melodic formulas of Hindu music having the melodic shape, rhythm, and ornamentation prescribed by tradition. In addition to the main characteristics of “rag” there are some that are attributed to times of the day.

There can also be male and female rags. Tradition dictates that certain rags are performed at certain times of the day, seasons or holidays. Playing rags at the wrong time may bring disharmony. At the right time they may bring harmony.

In this series Agni has adapted and extended the ancient concept of “raga” in order to enhance contemporary life. Each recording is composed and performed to help you feel and experience the benefits of the quality around which the music was created.

So by listening to “Vitality,” you will feel refreshed, relaxed and emerge with more energy after your listening experience. You can actually become a bit mesmerized by the sounds of the sitar and tabla as you allow the music to vibrate in every cell of our body.

The sitar is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and is a fretted string instrument with a gourdlike body and a long neck. It has from 3 to 7 gut strings, tuned in fourths or fifths or both. There is also a lower course of 12 wire strings that vibrate sympathetically with the first set.

This is exotic music for many listeners, but you can be easily seduced into listening if you give the music time to weave its magic spell.

Mesmerizing music to enhance your inner world.

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