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Courageous is a movie every father should see. It is the best movie on fatherhood I've ever seen. It affected me deeply and I felt that the message of hope was profoundly moving. I was seriously close to tears the entire movie except for the funny parts. I'd laugh and then go right back to feeling like I was going to burst into tears. It was a total emotional roller coaster but one that left me grateful for my own father's roll in my life. I think this movie appeals to such a wide audience because each father in the movie is in a different situation. One is unemployed for a while, another experiences a tragic loss and one reconnects with his child in a meaningful way. This movie also has lots of action and family drama. Believe the good reviews - this movie is amazing.

~The Rebecca Review


The Way We Were

5 out of 5 stars =    I want us to love each other

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review.com

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than those you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Give yourself away to the sea of life.” –Mark Twain

Katie (Barbra Streisand) and Hubbell (Robert Redford) could not be more different. She is an “anti-war” activist, while he is content to write novels and observe life from a distance. When life throws them together at college for the first time, they barely notice one another. Then when Katie finds Hubbell in a club, she uses all her feminine wiles to entice him back into her world. Hubbell seems slightly impressed that she loves his writing and that she has even gone to the trouble to find a copy of his book.

Katie and Hubbell are truly opposites and that is the attraction. It is the whole “liberal” falls for “conservative” story. It is also the “woman-loves-man-more-than-man-loves-woman tragedy.” While men are attracted to complex women at times, they often just want someone who is easy going and who can help them find that place of “nothingness.” Katie is just “everything.” She wants “everything” and to be “everything.” She wants to save the world from impending doom.

Katie only sees the need for “world peace” without considering that the freedoms and relative peace she has were the result of wars and sacrifice. She seems to be living in a dream world where everyone loves one another and is happy and equal. She has a very shallow view of communism. Katie lives life as if it is a life-and-death struggle. The needs of the planet come before her romantic interests. She also doesn’t realize you are not supposed to drink and smoke while pregnant. There is a way to ruin a child’s life!

Hubbell almost seems jaded in some ways. He seems to have observed the world and decided it isn’t going to change anytime soon, so why not enjoy life before it passes you by. Life is easier for him. He doesn’t seem to be fighting life. The way Katie thinks frustrates him, amuses him and eventually exasperates him. All he wants is just to find pleasure and she is always on the hunt for the better life. She pushes him to the edge of himself. He really just wants a woman who will enjoy life with him.

There is a scene, wow, how can I say it? Poignant doesn’t do it justice. It isn’t really emotionally intense because it is more of a picture of resolve. It is just an incredible scene where Katie calls Hubbell and asks him to come over and talk to her because he is her best friend and she needs to talk to him about her break up. Of course, they have just broken up and he is her best friend. So, it makes it a very difficult situation. Imagine losing the person you can talk to about anything and someone who you love the most in the world.

The beauty of this movie is in the struggle. Politics aside, this story has enough romance to keep your attention. This is probably a movie that will make a lot more sense while watching it during a war. Especially with what went on at the Academy Awards. At times you have to wonder at the irony of needing war to keep the peace. Ideally we all want peace, but I’ve always thought that was a dream world. Is Utopia really possible in this life? Still, humans are allowed to dream.

If I had the choice between watching people suffer under a tyrant and believing the world was at peace because there wasn’t a war OR watching people attain freedom and knowing it was because of a war and sacrifice, I’d choose “freedom.” Freedom is not free. Saying you want peace, makes “you” look good, but it doesn’t do a darn thing for someone who doesn’t have the freedom even to voice their opinions. I think the real heroes are those men and women who go and set people free from the bondage of their tyrannical governments.

Katie and Hubbell do seem to find peace in the end even if they don’t save the world. What a pity they can’t save their own world. What they share has such beauty and freedom. Hubbell really does learn to allow Katie just to say what she wants to say and be who she was born to be. Unfortunately, she is a bit intense.

Romantic and Tragic. Maybe some people are only supposed to love each other for a short time even though you wish they could be best friends or partners for life.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Spiritual Transformation, April 17, 2009
If you are contemplating divorce or if your marriage is in trouble I can't think of a better movie to watch that promotes a strong marriage. After reviewing "The Love Dare" I was eager to see FIREPROOF and was not disappointed, in fact I was riveted. For almost the entire movie I was close to tears because the story was so compelling and beautiful. How often do you see people really fighting for their marriage against all odds?

This movie also has some good humor in places but the overall message is quite serious. Kirk Cameron was excellent in the role of Caleb and Erin Bethea is perfect as the neglected wife Catherine. I loved watching Caleb struggle to win back his wife after she declares she wants a divorce. Even though he decides to do the right thing (fight for his marriage) he is still rejected most of the time. Since I'm a Christian I didn't mind the fact that this had a spiritual theme to it. In fact I loved how this movie showed how a relationship with Jesus could help to solve some of life's more complex problems.

To be quite honest this was one of the best movies I've seen this year and I watch a lot of movies that I never review. This movie would make an excellent gift (along with The Love Dare) for anyone who is considering divorce.

~The Rebecca Review


The Love Dare

5.0 out of 5 stars Unconditional Love, January 10, 2009
"The only way love can last a lifetime is if it is unconditional." ~ pg. 46

I haven't seen the movie so I can't compare this book to the one read in the movie. I can however compare this book to numerous books I've read about marriage and I'm here to say that this is one of the best books you could ever read. Instead of dealing with superficial remedies this book goes for the heart of the matter and addresses spiritual growth within a marriage.

Each "devotional" begins with a Bible verse and ends with a "dare." You can read the book two ways. You could read it all in one night, making notes about what you would like to try or simply read one dare a day. I chose to do the former and wrote down 21 ideas I would really try or have been trying. Since I read a lot of marriage books I was already trying out some of the ideas in this one. Some of the suggestions included:

Buy something that says "I was thinking of you."
Give a back massage - Massage Bar by LUSH
Say: "I choose to love you."
Be patient - not angry

While this can at times be a more serious book there is also some humor like "welcome to fallen humanity." Sometimes you just have to look at your marriage in a more humorous way, after all we are only human trying to reach for the divine.

The advice in this book will not only make your marriage better it will also transform you from the inside out. You will literally become a more loveable person, therefore being more attractive to your mate. I loved the ideas in this book and wrote out my favorite dares on one sheet of paper so I could remember to follow the advice on a continual basis. If you are looking for more books on this subject, I can recommend:

Cracking the Communication Code: The Secret to Speaking Your Mate's Language

How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs

For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men

The New Physics of Love: The Power of Mind & Spirit in Relationships (Six Cassettes and Study Guide Box Set)

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex

Who's Pushing Your Buttons?

~The Rebecca Review



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