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Howards End


Howards End


4 of 5 stars Adaptation of E. M. Forester's classic novel... February 10, 2003 

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

When watching "Remains of the Day," you never really get to see Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins show one another any real affection. In this movie, they actually have great chemistry and while Emma takes on the role of a much more subservient woman, she is much more radiant. If you are a fan of her acting, you will definitely want to see this movie.

This is a movie which takes some patience to view and the artistic elements are well worth waiting for. The Schlegel sisters get themselves into a few trying situations and the men they love either fail miserably or protect them from the world.

Margaret (Emma Thompson) is the smarter of the sisters and yet she lacks heart in certain situations. She seems quite happy to let others save her, but is not as willing to sacrifice to save a friend. Her sister falls in love with a young bank clerk and while trying to assist him is seduced and "ruined." She is not following the laws of her society and therefore is rejected at first.

This is a tangled web involving the cultured and underprivileged. Margaret and Helen are independent and well educated and when they meet Leonard Bast (Samuel West) their lives are changed forever.

A somewhat somber ending because we are not sure any of the characters really get what they first wanted. I found this movie to be enjoyable, yet felt tense throughout the movie because there is always the thought that the sisters have ruined an innocent. Leonard is really the tragic hero in this story because he took on a responsibility neglected by Mr. Wilcox who has his eye on Margaret.

All I have to say is..."Don't let anyone steal your umbrella."

If you enjoy movies that make you think about more than what is happening on screen, this is a good movie that will make you contemplate the fate of others around you in your world. You could hold someone's destiny in your hands, even if it is not as dramatic as the story in this movie.


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