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From Fear to Fearlessness


Escape from Suffering, January 12, 2007

Pema Chodron presents meditation techniques that require very little experience with meditation and are easily accessible to anyone who wants to learn to transform pain into love.

In a world filled with suffering, it can at times be overwhelming to balance your emotions so you can affect change. By understanding our own fears, we can then address some of the root causes of our unhappiness. This CD introduces some intriguing concepts and solutions and presents the following topics for discussion:

Mindfulness and Maitri
What is the root cause of happiness and suffering?
Unlimited joy
The Enemies of Compassion
Introduction to the Practice of Compassion

A guided Maitri session is included on both CDs. I love how Pema Chodron honors her teachers by giving credit where credit is due. She explains what she was taught and effectively translates ancient teachings and stories into methods for modern application.

With warmth and wisdom Pema Chodron shows the way to a more flexible, open life filled with love and compassion. She says that often we look for strength in what weakens us. An intriguing concept!

Through mindfulness and meditation practice (more like a visualization than complete solitude and she guides you through the process), you can more attuned and receptive.

I love her idea about using words and actions to make things better, but it isn't always easy. Patience is one of the qualities you have to develop to follow these teachings and to get to a place of peace, there is suffering. Even after peace, there is some suffering, but you may be able to turn the suffering into creativity and make it an energy you use for good. It can be a very empowering moment when you start to turn negativity into healing.

You can start to use the meditation techniques immediately in daily life and they have many applications. In a fight with someone you love or even in a disagreement with a stranger - Learn how to calm the situation and take back control of your emotions.

What is the root of suffering?
What causes happiness to grow?

The answers make perfect sense, but take time to put into practice. I can highly recommend this CD set to anyone who is making meditation a part of their life. Pema Chodron is an American Buddhist nun, but her wisdom has universal appeal. This seems to be the recording from the session on DVD called: Good Medicine. I can recommend both and you may also enjoy watching the DVD to learn more about Tonglen meditation.

~The Rebecca Review


Alchemy of Abundance


Creative Visualizations through Guided Meditation, October 24, 2006

"The core practice here, akin to the alchemical distillation of gold, is known as "manifestation," bringing the deepest, purist expression of your life into visible form." ~Rick Jarow, Ph.D.

Rick Jarow, Ph.D. teaches an opening to the realm of inner vision in order to manifest abundance in the outer world. He believes that what we focus on creates our life, thought by thought.

The book chapters include:

What is Abundance?
Gateways to the Temple of Beauty
Challenges to the Alchemy of Abundance
Creating a Lifestyle of Abundance
The Mandala of Manifestation
Creating an Abundant Society

The guided meditations are comforting and infused with beautiful music which makes them even more appealing. Rick Jarow opens up an inner world where you literally can enjoy inner landscapes that lead you on a visual journey.

The CD includes sessions about your body, money, machines, home, creativity, organization, other, depth, journey, vocation, vision, dissolution and return. You can either go through the entire CD all at once and spend about 80 minutes on an inner voyage or spend about 5-6 minutes on each section. This is perfect if you enjoy a daily meditation session or you could use this a refocusing moment any time of the day.

A journal is recommended to write down any ideas or thought that appear spontaneously. Rick Jarow shows a beautiful depth of creativity and awakens the inner child who enjoys imagining. It is amazing what appears as you listen and visualize. Guided meditations have never been this fun. You truly do receive guidance from your soul throughout this beautiful gift. Some of the things Rick says are actually pretty funny and I'm working on "imagining what I could do with too much money if I had too much money." That was a fun thought.

The "Body" section was interesting. When you enter the realms in your mind, you see a word on a door. When you do through the door, you imagine all sorts of things inside the room and then when you leave, guides (you imagine two people) give you something. My guides gave me a exercise bike, which must have meant I need to ride the bike more and work on that aspect of my exercise routine. You never know what the guides are going to give you, but something spontaneously appears.

When I left the realm of machines, the guides gave me what I thought was a book, then it started spinning and turned into a clock face with fast spinning hands. Now that was interesting and must have some deeper meaning. During the home section, I envisioned steam and aromas lifting off a stovetop and then at the end was handed a boiling pot, but instead of steam, coins were rising and falling out into a mist.

In creativity I envisioned a river of book pages and words and at the end, the guides gave me a swimsuit that looked like it had the shimmering scales of a fish on the fabric. I assume that meant: "Do something creative where you feel like a fish in water or feel comfortable."

During the organization section I imagined a dining room table and then a spinning lotus flower that lifted off the table and into the hands of the guides and then they handed it to me as it turned from a flower into a spinning pottery candlestick that turned into a gorgeous gold candelabra with beautiful burning flames on the top of each candle.

In the realm of depth, I was given a ring with a live butterfly sitting as the "gem" on the ring and throughout there were all these images of butterflies moving through a metamorphosis and emerging from cocoons.

"Journey" had stunning imagery of mountains and retreat locations with the guides giving me a book of music notes that flew up into the sky and turned into doves. By this time, I couldn't wait to figure out what I would see next.

"Vocation" and "Vision" were equally intriguing. I had to light a candle in the room of vocation because at first it was mysteriously dark like I had walked into a nightscape with a forest, but soon I walked through the forest and noticed a sunrise in the distance. The guides were floating above me and poured sparkling water into my mouth as I was looking up at the sky.

In the last section, I was handed a basket of whole-wheat rolls. What I found most intriguing within the entire session was the heart I was handed in one section that was gold and on a necklace and there were little tears (or raindrops?) dropping out of an invisible center. "Dissolution" was the most fun with an underwater world where I was a mermaid one minute and a bird soaring above the ocean the next, but the bird was like my real self with wings.

Not only are you enjoying an imaginative journey, you also can use this meditative space to breathe more deeply. I emerged happy and delighted by this experience and the book is more of a companion to the CD and I think the CD is the experience!

I loved this for the brilliant level of creativity. 100 stars! You have to try this to awaken the answers to questions that could change your life. If you enjoy archetypes or mythology, this makes you feel like you have become a mythical being living in your own imaginary world.

Writers and poets may find this especially healing and it
could inspire poetry or even imaginative novels.

~The Rebecca Review


Meditation in 30 Days


The Journey Begins..., September 14, 2006

"The real in us is silent; the acquired is talkative." ~Kahlil Gibran

If you have decided to learn to meditate, you can follow the chapters in this book for thirty days. While you are learning to meditate, you can also enjoy wise quotes, Tobin Blake's insight and follow the "stop and practice" tips at the end of each chapter.

Tobin Blake addresses pertinent topics like visualization, forgiveness, resistance, mantras, breath, attachment, thought webs, mindfulness, devotion, contemplation, faith, fear, patience, gratitude, prayer, healing and power.

The fluid creative style of his writing allows you to understand meditation like never before. If you imagined you had to be a mystic, monk, saint or prophet to understand meditation, this book brings meditation into daily life where you can enter into peace on a daily basis.

"When you are meditating to music, don't let yourself get caught up in the melody or lyrics. Instead try to focus entirely on letting go, as you would in any other meditation." ~ pg. 114

On day 15 you are introduced to the idea of using music in meditation. This section explains how to get the most out of your practice and the type of music to look for to enhance your experience. Tobin Blake also shows you how to record a guided meditation.

Even if you have been meditating for years, this book takes a look at meditation from a new perspective, all while combining ancient wisdom and modern practice. The Power of Stillness is a beautiful gift to the world as the ideas and practical applications will encourage more peace and less stress in daily existence.

~The Rebecca Review


Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield


The Art of Meditation, October 24, 2006

"The first session of meditation practice is a beginning like the beginning of any art form. Like any other art form, the art of meditation takes some time to practice." ~ Jack Kornfield

Meditation for Beginners truly is perfect for anyone who is just starting to meditate because it includes a Guided Meditation CD. The book introduces you to why meditation is a good idea, how to connect with the breath and how to cultivate a daily meditation practice.

The CD has sections for connecting with your breath, working with sensations that arise in the body, dealing with feelings and emotions, and observing your thoughts. The last two sections include a Forgiveness (7:13) and Lovingkindness (10:50) Meditation.

Jack Kornfield studied in monasteries in Thailand and trained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand and India. He is also the author of "After the Ecstasy, the Laundry," "Living Dharma" and "A Path with Heart."

As I listened to Jack Kornfield's beautiful voice, I was able to relax more fully and fall into the meditation in the moments of silence. You may lose track of time and just enjoy having Jack guide you through the various meditation practices.

Sometimes it is relaxing to release all your awareness of the moment-to-moment stresses of life and to truly find that place of peace where your body can heal. By listening to a guided meditation session you surrender into the moment and can feel a sense of joy rising from within where true happiness is born.

I remember the first time I tried to meditate and how restless I felt. Now years later, meditation is something I can appreciate for its intrinsic beauty and revelatory nature. If you find you are feeling especially restless, try exercising before meditating or doing a yoga routine right before the guided sessions.

~The Rebecca Review




Getting in the Gap

5 out of 5 stars=    Go To The Ocean Directly, October 26, 2003

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

"For the raindrop, joy is in entering the riverů" ~Mirza Ghalib

Have you ever wished you could escape to a place of peace? "The Gap" is a place between your thoughts. It is the place where you can be still and release yourself from the 60,000 thoughts hurtling through your mind during the course of a day.

Meditation can encourage physical healing, reduce stress, eliminate fatigue, make you feel younger, brighten your eyes and complexion, keep you focused on your spiritual connection, alleviate depression, and improve your memory. Meditation also allows you to find some of the secrets of peace. When you are thinking about God, how can you think of problems? How can your heart be anxious when it is freed from pain and sorrow and is resting in an ocean of love.

Once you have experienced this "place of peace/the gap," you can go there again. I first experienced this "space between my thoughts" during the end of a yoga workout. I had no idea you could escape the pain of life in this manner. I felt good for two days after doing the meditation section of the workout.

In this book, there is a CD that allows you to quickly enter the silence without the yoga workout, although I still like putting a fluffy down comforter on the floor as I do when I do yoga workouts. I was encouraged to learn that there is no "correct posture" or place for meditating. I actually meditate better when lying flat on my back. You could be sitting in your chair at work with your eyes closed during a 10-minute break, you could be at home, on a plane, or you could be out in nature.

The book has six chapters explaining Japa Meditation and shows how this form of meditation can affect your life in a positive way. The meditation CD is in a little envelope at the back of the book. There are two meditations on the 40-minute CD. The first 10 minutes explains the CD. You can listen to this each time or forward to one of the meditation sections.

The second section on the CD is a 10-minute meditation. The third section is a 20-minute meditation. In the first guided meditation, you say the name of God twice each time between the words you are visualizing on the screen of your mind. Then, in the longer 20-minute meditation you say the name of God four times between the visualization. It is very calming.

You visualize a word and then a second word. Then you "slip back to the space" between the words and I noticed that I was taking a deep breath each time. It was as if I was giving myself permission to relax. The further you go into the CD, the more relaxed you become.

The first time I tried this CD, I was in total emotional conflict. I was crying when I started listening and in 20 minutes, my mind had totally become refocused and I felt like I could again enter the world. I was amazed at how quickly my focus changed from feeling very emotional to feeling very strong, loving and peaceful. It was as if I'd slept 8 hours and awoken without the past nights conflicts haunting me. I was amazed at how rested I felt.

The feeling this CD evokes is similar to floating on an ocean of subtle vibrations that penetrate every part of your entire body making you become one with the ocean. It is like being unconditionally loved. If you have never said: "Ahhhhhh" along with a spiritual teacher, I highly recommend it. The beauty of this meditation is that you don't have to belong to any specific religion. Japa meditation is the Yoga of the Mind. It is actually practiced by all of the religions of the world but under different names.

While this book has examples of how meditating even brought financial wealth, the greatest wealth is in the peace you will experience while meditating on the name of God.

"Wisdom of the Ages" was my first introduction to Wayne Dyer. I love the quotes he finds, the passages he presents and how he weaves the past and present together to encourage a more peaceful future. His words have always captured my attention and had a profound effect on my life. I highly recommend this book and CD as an introduction to meditation. You can journey from stress to peace in as little as 10 minutes. "Getting in the Gap" is a true soul escape!


Wisdom of the Ages


5 out of 5 stars Great teachers can speak to us if we listen..., April 30, 2001

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review

Being an avid advocate of ancient wisdom, I immediately felt a connection with Wayne Dyer. I first saw his videos on Public Television. His relaxed manner and deep wise voice immediately had my attention. When I heard about his new book: Wisdom of the Ages, I knew this was a book I would want to own.

Ancient wisdom is fascinating to me. It can teach us as much as it taught our ancestors so long ago. When I find a quote or a poem I feel a connection to, I collect it like a treasure. You know that you are learning something wise, something which is lost in the hurried twenty-first century.

Wayne Dyer has captured the wisdom from sixty great teachers. They come from various backgrounds, cultures and religions, yet their writings hold truth. These are the writings of highly imaginative, productive and perceptive individuals. If you appreciate poetry, quotes, and prose selections which inspire; you will thrive for sixty days as your soul grows in a new garden of awareness.

The words from our ancestral scholars hold keys to our own spiritual advancement. Wayne takes each portion of writing and unfolds the cocoon for us. He sets the butterflies of truth free to circle in our minds as we gaze on their beauty. He puts each piece of wisdom in the context of our lives today and gives a practical application.

These short essays will speak to your heart. Each section begins with a selection and the explanation follows. Wayne Dyer is a natural teacher who so effortlessly draws on his own collected wisdom and the experiences in his life that most fully represent his new lesson. He challenges the reader to make his book a two-month project in which you read one section a day and try to apply the principles you have absorbed.

As you read this great work, you will feel as though you have entered a unity of consciousness with the writers. Their world suddenly becomes yours, their lessons become a gift of enlightenment. Can pain in our lives help us to accent to a higher plane of acceptance? Can someone really make you unhappy without your consent? Can we turn anger over a situation in life into a peaceful and fulfilling solution? What are the six mistakes we all make?

Here you will learn how to stop giving your precious energy to things you don't believe in, how to find a quite place, or how to become more aware of that feeling of peace you so desire. While I don't believe I am God, I do believe God can show his love through us and his son can live in us. The voices I heard through the words of the sixty writers did not conflict with my own beliefs. They reinforced some of the wisdom I knew to be truth and taught me more about who I want to be. I have just taken the first few steps in the long journey into eternity.

If enlightenment means an immersion in and a surrounding of peace, you might just find it by applying the principles in this book.

A Sample Poem included in Wisdom of the Ages:

Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime,

And, departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of time.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You will also find the works of: Pythagoras and Blaise Pascal, Buddha, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Patanjali, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Jesus of Nazareth, Epictetus, Omar Khayyam, St. Francis of Assisi, Jalaluddin Rumi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Sir Edward Dyer, William Shakespeare, John Donne, John Milton, Kahlil Gibran, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Blake, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Hentry David Thoreau, Chief Seattle, Oren Lyons, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Frost, Mother Teresa, Lewis Carroll and many, many more wise teachers


Inner Peace Cards


5 of 5 stars Affirmation Cards for Inspiration December 11, 2003

"Each experience in your life was absolutely necessary in order to have gotten you to the next place, and the next, up until this very moment." ~Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer has created a 50-card deck of inspirational messages. Each card has a message and then an explanation on the back. All the cards are quite beautiful and show not only creativity in their creation, they are quite inspirational.

The cards come in a high-quality, colorful little box with a lid. The cards are really a reminder of what you know to be true. Sometimes you just need that little affirmation and you can continue on in your life path. These cards propelled me forward into my future.

I especially liked:

Front of Card: "Inner Peace Creates World Peace."
Back of Card: "You get world peace through inner peace. If you've got a world of people who have inner peace, then you have a peaceful world."

Front of Card: "Love Is My Gift To The World"
Back of Card: "I fill myself with love, and I send that love out into the world. How others treat me is their path; how I react is mine."

Front of Card: "I learn from both positive and negative experiences."
Back of Card: "Your joy is divine, and so is your suffering. There's so much to be learned from both."

Many of the cards do focus on the aspect of "controlling our own destiny." By looking inward and reacting in a positive way, we make room for positive change. You can put these cards on your fridge, bulletin board, on the dashboard of your car or on your computer at work. You could also put them in letters to friends to help others find inner peace.

Another beautiful gift from Wayne Dyer! These inspirational cards can be used to enhance your contentment, happiness and peace of mind. You might recognize some of the ideas from Dr. Dyer's books: "Staying on the Path" and "Everyday Wisdom."





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