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Pina Colada Smoothie

Silken Tofu - Lite

A lonely little box of tofu once sat in my refrigerator for over three weeks while I worked up the courage to try adding soy products to my diet. What a surprise when I used it in place of plain yogurt; it was absolutely delicious. Tofu or soybean curd is made from curdled soy milk and is low in calories but high in protein. It is also perfect for a quick breakfast or after workout protein boost.

    (12.3-ounce) box low-fat/lite tofu
    cup fresh or canned pineapple pieces, frozen
    1 small banana, peeled
    1 cup orange juice from frozen concentrate
    2 tablespoons orange blossom honey
    1 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
    A few drops imitation coconut flavoring

1.  Blend the tofu, pineapple pieces, banana, orange juice,
     honey, lemon juice and coconut flavoring in a blender.

2.  When smooth, pour into 2 glasses and serve with straws.

     Hint 1: To make 4 fizzy drinks, pour smoothie and
      ginger ale into four glasses. Serve with straws. You may also
      want to vary the fruit and flavorings for endless possibilities
      or add up to 4 ice cubes and blend for an icy drink.

      Hint 2: Substitute a 12-ounce bag of frozen Tropical Fruit
      Mix for the pineapple and banana.

       Makes 2 to 4 drinks


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