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Family & Friends

Every man should have a fair-sized cemetery 
in which to bury the faults of his friends.
~Henry Adams

The Friendship Book


    A place to learn  A site to provide a link to culturally rich insights and information.

    Ash  Tutorials and guides to become better students.  

    Birthday Express  Time for a surprise party? :)

    Boowakwala  A site where children can sing along with songs.  

    Buz Me  Alerts you to phone calls when you are online. Free service.

    Caregiver  An online magazine to support the care you give to others. 

    Clever Island  Fun, interactive activities to help your child develop important reading and math skills.

    Drs. Foster and Smith An extensive resource of supplies for your pets.

    Egreetings  A great way to stay in touch with friends and add some fun to their day.

    Elder Web   A resource while caring for an aging parent.  

    Evite  Send out invitations here or try Sendomatic

    Family Circle   Online  information for families.

    Family Education   Parent community dedicated to children's learning.        

    Fast Web   Find out about scholarship programs.  

    Friendship.com.au.  Deepen your Friendships. 

    Fun Brain  Educational games in eight subjects.  

    Fun School  Children's activities are geared to grade level.  

    High School Hub  Homework, test prep for teenagers.    

    My Family  An online resource for connecting families.     

    One List  Digital correspondence keeps you connected with friends and  family.  

    Pets  Pet products and information on care. 

    Photo Loft  A place to post images so you can share them with friends and family.  


    Photo Works  No time to drop off your film. No problem. Send them in by mail. 


    Personalized Stamps  Turn your favorite pictures into stamps. 
      Also see: www.photostamps.com (promo code: special) 


    Power School   Interactive school management site.  

    SandStar Family Entertainment  Specially edited films for family viewing. 

    Toys Mart  Toys, toys and more toys.


Gourmet Food Store

In the coffee cup of life, Friends are the special blend!

Distance never separates two hearts that really care. For memory spans the miles and, 

in seconds, we are there. We hear the voice, we see the smile, and deep inside we know.  

That friends remain a part of us wherever we may go. So we can visit anytime, 

no matter when or where. For distance never separates 

two hearts that really care.  Emily Matthews




LUSH Tea & Sympathy


Please Check www.Lush.com for availiability

Skin Calming with Antioxidants, March 1, 2007

So when your best friend calls and tells you he/she is off to Europe and can't stay and chat because she will miss her plane...what is a person to do? Well, hop into the bath with a little "Tea & Sympathy" and call your new best friend. Tea and Sympathy is filled with soya milk, Calamine Powder, Clary Sage (lots and lots - so if you don't like this essential oil - it is very strong), Gardenia Oil, perfumes, Olibanum Oil, Chamomile and a Chamomile tea bag. Something about this particular product soothes the soul and all your problems go down the drain with the water.

Of course, if you are feeling very wicked, you could always send this to a friend with the note: "Oh, darling, I'm off to Paris, sorry I didn't have time to call." Thankfully LUSH has a solution to every problem and if you like this product, you may also want to try Ne Worry Pas with sweet orange and tangerine.

Some of my favorite finds include: "Butterball" with Ylang Ylang and Vanilla, "The Happy Pill" with delicious citrus oils and Bergamot, "Youki Hi" with exotic Jasmine and "Golden Slumbers" for a lovely sweet sleep. Looking for something romantic? Try "Romance in a Stone" with a love poem/note or "Tisty Tosty" which is like a love spell so powerful that your true love may even call you when you are in the tub.

~The Rebecca Review



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