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Tossed Salad with
Thousand Island Dressing

The St. Lawrence River

The chef to multi-millionaire George Boldt created the original recipe for Thousand Island dressing. 1,800 islands speckle the St. Lawrence River where his mansion is built on Heart Island—and so the name Thousand Island was given to the dressing. Baby corn can be purchased in cans for a crisp, colorful addition to this salad. Paprika comes from a red sweet pepper originally found in Central America and cultivated in Europe and the United States. The best paprika comes from Hungary and can be smoky. Use a non-smoky version here.

Tossed Salad

    2 packages mixed lettuce
    1 cucumber, sliced
    1 can baby corn, drained
    6 green onions, sliced
    2 tomatoes, diced
    2 carrots, peeled and shredded

Thousand Island Dressing

    2 cups mayonnaise
    3 tablespoons Heinz
® chili sauce
    2 tablespoons pickle relish
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
    1 teaspoon shredded onion
    ⅛ teaspoon sweet paprika
    ⅛ teaspoon dried dill weed


    Chopped hard-cooked egg
    Bacon bits
    Cheddar cheese

1.  Salad: In an extra large bowl, toss the lettuce, cucumber,
     corn, onions, tomatoes and carrots.

2.  Dressing: In a small bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, chili
     sauce, relish, parsley, onion, paprika and dill weed.

3.  Top individual salads with egg, bacon, cheese and dressing.

     Makes 8 side salads


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