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Pink Grapefruit Slush

Pink Freezer Mug

Grapefruit is so named as it grows in clusters like grapes. Pink grapefruit has the best flavor for drinks. Look for the pink grapefruit juice found in the cooler section of your grocery store or use fresh squeezed and strained juice. If you enjoy sitting outside and want to keep your drinks ice cold, purchase a few "gel mugs" which you can keep in the freezer. Gel mugs are one of my favorite discoveries. You can also use them during the summer to keep everything you love cold. I still use ice cubes as it makes the drink even colder and icy crystals form, making drinking even just a glass of water a treat.

    4 cups pink grapefruit juice
    cup orange blossom honey
    ⅛ teaspoon vanilla extract

1.  Pour the grapefruit juice into a tall jug. Heat the honey in
     the microwave and stir it into the juice.

2.  Set up an ice cream maker. Pour in the juice and freeze for 10
     minutes or until slushy. Serve in tall glasses with straws.

    Variations: An ice cream maker can be used to cool down all
     your favorite fruit juices in the summer. Look for various
     mixed fruit drinks. There are many that are completely
     natural Ceres
fruit juices are especially good when they are
     frozen just to the stage of being slushy. If you are sitting out
     in the sun, making frozen drinks will keep you cooled down.

     Makes 4 glasses


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