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Pastrami Paradise

NY Style Pastrami

The best sauerkraut is located in the refrigerated section near the sausages or cold meats. To remove the briny taste, drain the sauerkraut liquid in a colander and rinse the sauerkraut under cold running water for about 15 seconds. Look for Kosher pastrami which has a more delicate texture. Soy cheese may be substituted if you follow Kosher laws.

    2 rye bread slices
    6 thin pastrami slices
    1/4 cup fresh sauerkraut
    2 slices thin Swiss cheese

1.  Set the rye bread slices on a baking sheet.

2.  Top one slice with pastrami. Top the other slice with 
     sauerkraut and cheese.

3.  Grill until heated and the cheese is melted. Sandwich the two
     halves together and grill the outsides until golden.

4.  Butter the toasted sides and slice sandwich diagonally.

     Makes 1 delicious sandwich


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