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Open Face Turkey Sandwiches

Party Size Olives with Pimento

Baguettes, long thin loaves of French bread were developed in Paris in the 1930s. This "stick" style bread works well to create small oval sandwiches. The slices should be just large enough to hold one round piece of turkey folded in half. Turn the stuffed olive so the pimento is partially facing upwards and use festive toothpicks to hold the olives and a piece of baby spinach in placeómore for color, as there is no taste to baby spinach.

    French bread slices
    Oven roasted turkey breast slices
    Baby spinach leaves, stems cut off
    Green olives with pimientos
    Festive party toothpicks

1.  Place bread slices on a large party plate.

2.  Spread slices with mayonnaise, then top with folded turkey
     slices. They should fit nicely on the bread slice that way.

3.  Top each sandwich with one baby spinach leaf. Skewer the
     olive onto the sandwich with a toothpick.

4.  Keep the sandwiches wrapped with plastic wrap on a tray.
     Refrigerate and then uncover the plate just before serving.

     Makes 1 party plate


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