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Mashed Potatoes

Hungarian Paprika

Russet, yellow and white potatoes are suitable for this dish. Paprika, the ground form of a sweet red pepper from Hungary, has a more pronounced flavor with a deep crimson color. Some paprika has a smoky flavor. Use a non-smoky version here. Perfect fluffy mashed potatoes can be easily achieved if you use a masher or potato ricer instead of mixer. Over beating stimulates the starch and the potatoes will become gummy

    8 russet, white, or yellow potatoes
    Ground black pepper
    Sweet paprika
    Dried parsley
    Warm milk or cream

1.  Bring water to a boil in a 12-quart stock pot.

2.  Peel and cut the potatoes in half and add them to the boiling
     water as you complete each one.

3.  Boil until soft, but not falling apart. You should be
     able to insert a knife in the largest piece. Test a piece by
     mashing it and tasting for doneness, then drain the potatoes.

4.  Add the butter, salt, pepper, paprika and parsley to taste.

5.  Add the warm milk or cream in small amounts and beat
     the potatoes until creamy with a wooden spoon.

     Makes 4 servings


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