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Mango Papaya Freeze

Papaya Nectar

Mango and papaya are fruits containing betacryptoxanthin that has protective antioxidant and cancer fighting properties. Fresh mango and papaya juice are blended with ice to form a delicious tropical slush. Serve this drink in tall glasses and decorate with a slice of lime. Look for yellow/orange mangoes with a red blush. If you enjoy the taste of papaya nectar, look for papayas which have a smooth yellow skin which gives slightly when pressed. Papayas are large pear-shaped tropical fruits which have a juicy orange flesh. To use the papaya, slice it in half and remove the seeds. Then, peel the fruit and slice it. In this recipe you only need to use papaya juice, but you may want to find some great papayas and top them with lemon juice and brown sugar to bring out their flavor. They are native to North America and are fruits of a fast growing plant.

    1 fresh ripe mango
    2 cups papaya nectar
    3 tablespoons frozen orange concentrate
    2 tablespoons lime juice
    8 ice cubes

1.  Peel and slice the mango, place in a blender.

2.  Add papaya nectar, orange concentrate, lime juice and ice.

3.  Blend until smooth.

4.  Serve in two tall cold glasses with straws.

     Makes 2 glasses


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