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Hazelnut Coffee and Cream

Hazelnut Cream

The Coffee tree is native to Africa. It produces small red berries which are picked and sun dried so they can ferment for two weeks. The pulp is then removed and the flat-sided oval green seeds are shipped to a coffee packer. One pound of coffee is made from about 2000 cherries, which each contain two seeds. 

    Regular ground hazelnut flavored coffee beans
    3 cups hot whole milk
    Whipped cream
    Granulated sugar

1.  Fill espresso filter (up to 4 mark) completely with the      
     coffee grounds and attach to the espresso machine.

2.  Measure water to the 2 espresso water mark.

3.  Pour water into espresso machine, close lid tightly.
     Turn on and brew completely. Heat the milk until steaming.

5.  Divide espresso into 4 small coffee cups. Add milk to nearly
     fill each cup. Add 1 teaspoon sugar per cup. Top with whipped
     cream. Sprinkle with sugar. Enjoy.

     Makes 4 servings


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