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Fruit Kebobs


Serve these treats in the summer when many varieties of fruit are available. Make perfect little cantaloupe and melon bites by using a melon baller which looks like a mini-ice cream scoop. Grapes are easy to skewer; they are actually berries which have been cultivated in Asia for 6000 years. Grapes also make perfectly natural centerpieces for holiday entertaining when dipped in vanilla syrup and sprinkled with sugar.

    2 cans peaches if using peach juice
    8 hulled and quartered large strawberries
    1 cup cantaloupe balls
    1 cup watermelon balls
    1 cup kiwifruit, cut in half, then peeled and quartered
    1 cup seedless green grapes
    1 cup peeled and cubed nectarines
    1 cup pineapple pieces
    1 cup orange segments
    Mini-bamboo skewers
    1 cup vanilla syrup or peach juice sweetened with honey

    1 lemon, thinly sliced
    1 orange, thinly sliced
    Shredded coconut for decoration

1.  Prepare the fruit and place decoratively on each skewer.
     Place the skewers in a plastic bag, pour the vanilla syrup
     over the fruit kabobs.

2.  Place filled plastic bag in a plastic container in case it leaks.
     Placing them just in the plastic container would require more
     vanilla syrup than in the bag. Refrigerate 24 hours.

3.  Take out an oval serving platter and line edges alternately
     with lemon and orange slices. Sprinkle slices with shredded
     sweetened coconut.

4.  Arrange the fruit skewers neatly on the oval platter. Place all
     the skewer points in the same direction. Cover with plastic
     wrap to keep the fruit fresh until serving time.

5.  This is an excellent way to get people to eat fruit since the
     skewers are so colorful and enticing.

     Hint: When serving a tray of cheese and crackers,
     fruit can add color and a healthy choice for your guests.

     Party size for 10 guests



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