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Egg & Bacon Sandwiches

Cooking the Australian Way

In Australia, an egg and bacon pie is often made for dinner. This sandwich produces a similar taste without the need to make pastry. For dinner use a hamburger bun, add a hamburger patty and a cheddar cheese slice. For breakfast you may want to substitute a patty of breakfast sausage.

4 pieces smoked bacon
2 large eggs
2 pieces white bread

1.  Fry bacon in a nonstick 10-inch frying pan.

2.  Wipe out grease and fry eggs without breaking the yolk. If you
      prefer scrambled eggs, beat eggs together with a dash of milk,
      then fry until cooked.

3.  Butter bread on one side only. Fry the bread, butter side down
     until crispy and golden.

4.  Lay the bacon and cooked eggs on one piece of toast and make
     a sandwich by
topping with the other piece bread.

5.  Cut the sandwich into triangles and serve immediately.

     Makes 1 sandwich


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