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Berry Blast Smoothie

Slim Smoothies

This drink is beautiful, refreshing and perfect for summer evenings. Vary this smoothie by adding 12 ounces of your favorite frozen fruit and add more vanilla syrup or use honey to taste. You have to try tofu to believe how good it is when mixed with fruit and orange juice. Tofu naturally takes on the flavors of any food it is mixed with and has been made in Asia for over 2,000 years. The soybeans are soaked and then pureed and cooked to create soy milk. This milk is mixed with a coagulant to make curds which are then pressed into molds to form tofu. It is smooth and silky, but rather bland on its own.

    1/2 (12.3-ounce) box low-fat tofu
    2 cups orange juice made from frozen concentrate
    1 (12-ounce) package mixed frozen berries
    3 tablespoons vanilla syrup or honey to taste

1.  Process the tofu and orange juice in a blender.

2.  Add half the berries and syrup or honey; blend well. You
     may need to stir this thick mixture occasionally—while the
     power is off, of course.

3.  Add in the rest of the berries and blend well, stirring as needed
     when the blender is turned off.

4.  Pour into two tall glasses and serve with straws.

     Hint: If you prefer a thinner version, add more orange juice
     and sweeten to taste. Try other juices and fruit for variety.

      Makes two 16-ounce servings


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