Watermelon Ice

There is something about a cold slice of watermelon in the summer.  

There is also something you can do with all those leftover pieces.  

In fact, once you make this, you might just buy watermelon and freeze 

it to make this drink.  Since a typical watermelon is 92 percent water,

 it is perfect in the summer. I was taking the seeds out of even 

the seedless watermelon, but actually, you don't need to.


6 large ice cubes

Prepare ahead:  2 cups sliced seedless watermelon,  frozen 2 hours  

1 cup ice-cold lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage 

(Sprite or 7-up)

1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice

2 tablespoons vanilla sugar syrup

1 slightly under-ripe kiwi fruit, peeled sliced


1. Place ice cubes in blender designed for crushing ice.       

2.  Blend on ice crushing option.

3. Add pre-frozen watermelon, slushy lemon-lime beverage,  

     lime juice and syrup. Blend just until smooth. 

4. Pour into two glasses, serve with straws and kiwi slices.

    Hint: Cut up leftover watermelon and keep in the freezer 

    in two cup portions.

    Makes 2 glasses





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