Vanilla nut Coffee

The coffee tree is a tropical evergreen shrub. Delicate white blossoms would entice you to the plant with the scent of jasmine. The flowers give way to cherries. Plump red coffee cherries, green fruit and flowers do at times grow on the branches all at the same time, and that means the ripe berries must be picked by hand. The coffee cherries look similar to cranberries in shape and color. This is a strong coffee and we often find ourselves adding hot water to the pot to "tame" the brew. Professional coffee makers recommend two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water. If you use decaffeinated coffee, some of the aroma and flavor is lost in processing, so add two more tablespoons ground coffee for each pot of coffee. You can adjust the recommendation to suit your tastes. This is the coffee I find delicious with milk and sugar.

    6 (8-ounce) cups cold water (10 cup mark on coffee pot)
    cup ground vanilla nut cream coffee beans

1.  Measure the ground coffee into a coffee filter. Pour water into      a
     coffee maker and let coffee brew.

2.  Pour steaming cups of coffee and serve straight or with milk   
     and sugar.

     Hint: Top with whipped cream and a dash nutmeg.

     Variation: Use less coffee for a weaker brew.

     Makes 10 cups coffee