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The 11:11 Time Prompt Phenomenon

Do you always look at the clock and see 11:11, maybe even
twice a day? This book gives clues as to why 
you are seeing 11:11 all the time. 

The 11:11 Time Prompt Phenomenon


5 out of 5 stars A Heady Look at Numbers, July 7, 2017

"The Universe appears to have been designed by a pure mathematician." ~ James Jeans, astronomer

Do you see 11:11, 4:44, 5:55, 12:12, 10:10 and 3:33 on your clocks, microwaves or computer? This happens to me ALL the time and finally I decided I needed to read a book about this phenomenon. Some people say that these are angel numbers, your guardian angels trying to tell you something. What I have found true is that if I'm doing the right thing on my path in life then I see the numbers. If I am not thinking positively, I see things like 11:12 or 4:34 for example. To me, my angels are saying: "Get back on the positive path." The authors believe maybe the numbers are trying to wake up some of our dormant DNA. I don't know if that is true or not but it is interesting to think about. Sometimes I hear people's thoughts too so maybe I'm really waking up.

This book talks about sacred geometry, floral sequencing, celestial physics, harmonic proportions, metrology, numerology, bible codes and synchronicity. While I was reading this book I came across the word "cathedral" just as Chris Martin was singing his 7th song - Every Tear is a Waterfall - on an album and singing "cathedral." I did not find this odd as synchronicity happens all the tine when I listen to Coldplay music. This book did not address why this happens to me, that I hear and see words at the same exact time.

If you are interested in religion, science, history and philosophy there is a lot in this book to love. If math makes you cry with frustration, you will still find this book enjoyable. I am no math whiz but could follow along quite well, if I sometimes read things twice now and then.

What this book says a few times is that the universe seems to have been created by a mathematician. That God is the great designer and has a divine plan for our lives.

The thing that made me really laugh however was that my husband asked me if I was going to turn off the lights. I did so and took my LED lantern and walked into the kitchen. I glanced at the microwave and it said 11:11. Really, you can't make these stories up.

So this book was a very enjoyable read. I would however not recommend all the books they read to do the research. Some sound a bit strange and may not be the type of books you'd be inclined to read unless you were doing research. I also don't know a lot about numerology and would caution you to be careful with such things. I also thought the authors were really branching out to say God might be a number. He definitely has a personality like a person. So those things aside, I did love this book.

~The Rebecca Review



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