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Giving Love Away by
Robert Shahidi

"Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep.
The only way to retain love is to give it away." ~Elbert Hubbard


Giving Love Away CD



A gift from the heart for the heart. 

Have you ever wished for the peace and calm of a friend who will really listen? Who is also willing to take the time to give you the healing gift of love that dissolves the pain and provides the acceptance and love you so desperately crave in your moment of absolute despair? In "Giving Love Away," Robert Shahidi is that friend. He is there to understand what you are going through, to explain the process of healing and to give you a moment in time you deserve.

According to Robert Shahidi, you have to start working with “what is” instead of the picture of what you imagine your life to be. Otherwise, you end up living a life of reaction instead of a life of purpose. Will this reactionary lifestyle make the lives of others around you more fulfilled or more miserable?

Robert Shahidi was a young child when his mother was given six months to live. When she disappeared into the next world, Robert found a world of people who were not there for him in his pain. Later in his life he began answering the phone at a suicide hotline and realized how many people keep their pain hidden from friends and family. When he turned twenty-six, his oldest sister died and he felt no motivation to help anyone since his own life was falling apart.

After listening to “Why People Don’t Heal” by Caroline Myss, he saw how his pain was going to bury him alive. He soon found out that the only way he could heal was through forgiveness and through seeing how pain is a teacher even when it made him sad and angry.

Slowly he started to see that he had a responsibility to love others. It wasn’t enough to just say “I have problems of my own to deal with.”  He then wondered how he could help the healing process in the world. He wondered what he would say to every human being living today. What message would he give them?

“It is extremely difficult to achieve world peace, to understand the need for dialogue with all countries, with all cultures, when there are members of our own family we don’t talk to anymore.” ~Robert Shahidi

Through deep contemplation, Robert seeks to answer the following questions:

Can we love those we do not trust?

Is love an act of faith?

How do you deal with tragedy, a betrayal, suffering, pain?

What do you do when a friend lets you down?

Why did you trust the person at the start?

How do you keep open and loving when in pain?

What friend would want another friend to hurt?

Do you really know your friends or are they just a hazy image in the picture of your own making?

Are you willing to heal or are you focusing on keeping the pain alive?

Do you keep reliving the rejections, the pain, the moment of the loss of love?


“However much love is needed, it has to start somewhere.
This is my offering.” ~Robert Shahidi


There are people who have given up on their life, people who are afraid to love anyone ever again and people who have never told anyone how much pain they are really in. There are addictions, cases of abuse, suicides and broken hearts where wounds are revisited and remembered. There are people who are hurting in the world. People we meet every day. One moment of your time might give them hope. One word of encouragement might send them on a new path in life, a path they never thought they could take. By "Giving Love Away," you can find more fulfillment and happiness yourself.

After listening to this CD four times in two days, I realized how many people needed this CD. I started to make a list of people in my life who would find healing through listening to the loving message presented in calming words and music.

Each time you listen to “Giving Love Away” you will hear a new message that will be a gift for your heart. I almost felt that I was listening to a new recording each time. As I currently listen to this for the fifth time, I am near tears as I realize how much pain it must take to love this deeply. What a beautiful gift from the heart. Robert Shahidi could have closed down, rejected love and disappeared into the masses. But instead he has  reached into the deepest part of his soul for a gift to give the world. 

Calming, encouraging, inspirational and loving. A spoken word CD to give to everyone you love to encourage an opening to love instead of a closing in sadness. 

~The Rebecca Review   




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