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Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke


5 out of 5 stars=    Spectacular Anime

Reviewer: The Rebecca Review.com

Master filmmaker Miyazaki has created one of the most beautiful animated movies Iíve ever seen. Frankly, Iím beyond impressed. Anime seems to have a much more realistic feel and the themes are very adult in nature. With intellectual themes, magical creatures and mature relationship issues, this is one captivating movie.

Even though the film doesnít make judgments about good or evil, it does make a statement that pervades the entire story. The message is ecological in nature and asks many questions about the role of humans and animals on the planet. The characters have to deal with loyalty, fate and death. The characters are really not trying to save the planet, they are dealing more with survival issues.



Princess Mononoke was raised by wolves on a mountain. She wears a fur type coat with ears attached. Very cute. The mountain is ruled by the forest spirit who never speaks, but has the power to give or take life. The tiny forest spirits that rattle their heads are adorable. They are like little ghosts. The forest spirit changes shape at night and when he walks through the forest as a ďdeer god,Ē flowers grow around his hooves.


Deer god

The forest is so beautiful it is not difficult to see why the animals want to preserve the pristine location. The animals all talk and are larger than most animals. In fact, they are actually gods defending their mountains. There is quite a bit of violence so this is not really an animated movie for children. They might be a bit frightened by the boar crawling with demon worms or the huge explosion that kills the boars.

Ashitaka takes up the role of warrior and kills a demon-boar monster threatening his village. In killing this angry beast, he is cursed and retains a marking on his skin from the battle. When he arrives in the forest, he finds himself torn between helping the animals and helping the humans.

ďAshitaka: Look, everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It's eating me alive, and very soon now it will kill me! Fear and anger only make it grow faster!Ē

Tree Spirits

I think it is honor that drives him to help the women of Irontown. I donít think he really is fighting on the side of Lady Eboshi. At least we donít want him to because she is after all trying to kill the forest spirit. I think Ashitaka is trying to take both sides or is at least trying to promote peace. He sees that humans need to work to make a living and that might include chopping down a few trees. The wolf tells him that when the trees are chopped down they cry. I donít like chopping down trees, but I donít think they cry. ;) That was when the movie went off into a more mythological interpretation.

While Princess Mononoke takes the side of the wild boar tribe, Ashitaka takes the side of the outcasts working in an iron mine.

Princess Mononoke

A much more realistic feel than most Disney animations. This also has a much deeper emotional appeal for adults.

I could have watched the dragonflies and butterflies in this movie for a much longer period of time. The delicate mist floating over the lush hillsides was amazing in itself. The beauty of the forest spirit was just amazing and really you just have to see this movie to believe how beautiful animation can be. The scenes of the Night walker are just astounding from an animation perspective.


The Forest


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