Party Platters

Here are a few ideas and ingredients to arrange on platters. One of my favorite ideas is to order a set of small cookie cutters to suit the occasion. I then buy pre-sliced cheeses and cut out shapes with the cookie cutters and arrange them on the platter.

Summer Sandwich Platter

    Sliced salami
    Sliced turkey pastrami
    Sliced ham
    Sliced roast beef
    Sliced turkey breast
    Dijon-style prepared mustard
    Cranberry sauce

Winter Snack Platter

    String cheese
    Pepper jack slices
    Medium cheddar
    Smoked cheddar
    Edam cheese
    Summer sausage slices
    Smoked salmon
    Buttery crackers
    Flowered Cheese Ball

Summer Fruit Platter

    Apple slices
    A large bunch of grapes
    Kiwifruit slices
    Melon balls
    Orange slices
    Papaya slices
    Pineapple slices
    Unpeeled nectarine slices
     A bowl of Devonshire dip can be made by mixing
    1 cup sour cream with vanilla extract and confectioners' sugar
     to taste. A little orange zest will give a variety in flavor.

A Platter of Vegetables

    Carrot strips
    English Cucumber Slices with Cheese Filling
    Celery filled with flavored cream cheese
    Marinated Asparagus
    Small radishes cut in half
    Halved and serrated bell pepper filled
    with blue cheese dressing

Exotic, Savory and Sweet Platters

    Truffle butter with toast points
    Smoked salmon, cream cheese and crackers
    Smoked Salmon & Eggs
    Marinated vegetables
    Chocolate truffles
    Orange and Vanilla Carambola