Frozen Banana Kisses

Many fruits such as peaches and grapes make good frozen snacks.
Keep a bag handy in the summertime.

    1 pound Nestleģ Peter's Dark Sweet Burgundy Chocolate
    4 ripe bananas, peeled

1.  Slice bananas into bite-size pieces. Line a baking sheet with
     parchment paper. Set slices on paper and freeze for 1 hour
     until solid. The bananas must be completely frozen so no
     moisture gets into chocolate and causes it to seize up.
     Chocolate should only be melted after bananas are frozen.
     They will not brown while freezing.

2.  To cut chocolate pieces from a large block, use a short strong     
     knife with a big grip handle or a chocolate chipper available
     through The Bakerís Catalogue
. Press tip of knife
     into chocolate, press down with both hands and chocolate
     will "pop" apart. Place chocolate in crockery cooker and turn
     heat to low. A double boiler is not recommended.

3.  When melted, use a fork to lower bananas into chocolate.  
     Shake off excess chocolate. Use dessert spoon to catch drips
     as you place dipped bananas back on parchment paper.

4.  Freeze on baking sheet; store in airtight containers in freezer.
     Hint: Dip in colorful sprinkles for a party.

     Makes 40 kisses