Dennis & Anthea’s
Bacon-Wrapped Prawns


Dennis taught me to make these tasty little treats at a party he and his wife Anthea were hosting. Thaw the frozen prawns in salted ice water to keep them fresh in warm weather.

    20 Tiger prawns or extra-large shrimp (16-20 count per pound)
    20 slices smoked bacon
    3 tablespoons mayonnaise
    ¼ cup mixed Mexican cheeses
    2 jalapeño peppers, seeded and finely chopped
    ¼ cup finely chopped white mushrooms
    Colorful party toothpicks, soaked in water

1.  Shell the prawns by using both your thumbs to pry open
     the shell. Devein using a sharp knife to cut down one side of
     the vein; remove the vein then cut deep enough to allow for
     filling. Keep cold on ice.

2.  In a small bowl, mix the mayonnaise, cheese, peppers and
     mushrooms until just blended.

3.  Stuff prawns with filling. If cooking immediately on the grill,
     partially cook the bacon in the microwave, wrap each prawn
     with one bacon slice. If refrigerating and then broiling, wrap
     uncooked bacon around prawns and refrigerate until needed.

4.  Secure both ends of the bacon with colorful toothpicks.

5.  Grill outside or broil close to the element in oven.

     Serves 10 if you “hand out” two prawns to each guest