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Before Sunrise 
& Before Sunset

Before Sunrise


Rare Honesty and Hypnotizing Conversations, November 19, 2004

In a world where characters seem to cautiously approach a tentative friendship before diving into an impulsive romantic relationship, it is almost refreshing to see both happening at once. From the moment American Jesse meets the luminous French Celine there is a soul connection that defies definition.

At first, Celine seems to overwhelm Jesse with her intellectual wanderings and yet she playfully allows him to tease her. The chemistry is phenomenal and the sheer beauty of various scenes made me realize how the simplicity of the settings actually enhanced the emotional aspects.

Throughout the entire movie you never feel that you are on the outside looking in, although I think that is the underlying attraction. I was so mesmerized by the script I felt I became each character as they were speaking. This is bliss for anyone who loves the sheer honesty of life itself. Jesse and Celine delve into philosophy, creatively describe their first romantic feelings and enjoy a spontaneous merging of the minds.

When they meet on a train heading to Vienna, neither imagine they will encounter a reality that is better than any fantasy. There is a sweet innocence pervading this entire movie with an underlying erotic tension that never seems to find complete fulfillment on screen. While the ending of this movie is more melancholy, the ending of Before Sunset is more than delicious.


Before Sunset


Continuing the Conversation, November 19, 2004

When Celine and Jesse meet again in Paris we can't help but wonder about the meeting they originally planned. After the first movie I was more prepared for the mesmerizing experience.

With pomegranate in hand (a good substitute for popcorn), I watched with a sense of anticipatory wonder. Would these two ever connect on more than a soul level, did they connect before and would this continuing conversation lead to some mutual fulfillment? I was not disappointed.

The playful banter reaches some humorous high points that are beyond witty. Celine and Jesse seem to share a natural chemistry, which allows them to speak honestly without fear of rejection. Together they find a delicate balance of revelation and anticipation.

What amazed me most is the extended scenes filled with complex conversations. The entire plot truly happens more in the characters minds than onscreen. The casual natural sets are still magical, but I think the best scene is in the first movie when Celine and Jesse are kissing under the stars. The ending of this movie has to be in my top 10 of inspiring movie endings. There is a taste of the future and enough uncertainty to intrigue long after this movie has ended.




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