Asparagus Marinated in Italian Dressing

When buying asparagus for this dish, look for the smallest spears with compact closed tips. Thin stalks are preferred for this recipe as they look delicate and pretty on a tray of appetizers. Always use fresh asparagus for this dish.

    1 bunch fresh asparagus spears
    cup Italian dressing

1.  Wash asparagus spears well, since they are grown in sandy         
     soil. Cut off the bases leaving about 4 inches of the thin green tips.

2.  Set asparagus in a steamer basket; steam over boiling water
     for 15 minutes or until asparagus is cooked but still crisp.

3.  Lay warm asparagus in a rectangular plastic container.

4.  Pour the Italian dressing over the asparagus spears. Seal
     the container with a lid. Marinate overnight in the
     refrigerator. These will keep several days.

     Makes 8 servings